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Bitcoin Digital App Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Bitcoin Digital trading robot is an advanced algorithm that automates trades on the cryptocurrency market. The system is a legit trading app that capitalizes the volatile market’s strong market momentum and turns it into profit.

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Our Opinion
Bitcoin Digital scans the crypto market for profitable trades and analyzes trends. Despite its 98% accuracy claim, the robot cannot predict trades at such a level. The platform also contains false claims of people using the trading bot to buy luxury goods. Traders who are familiar with digital currencies can use Bitcoin Digital as part of their investment tools.
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Many numerous positive reviews have led to the robot’s speedy growth. Our official website can confirm the success probability of every trade is about 85%. This platform does not show any scam alert because it is safe, and many users have withdrawn successfully from the system.

Some users have a terrible opinion about Bitcoin Digital because they were victims of fake websites that called themselves Bitcoin Digital’s “official website.” So, any information branding Bitcoin Digital as a con is not valid. We’ve provided you with a sign-up form on this page to prevent this problem. Register with the required details and start using the app straight away. After successful registration, you will proceed to the deposit area, where you can fund your account through numerous methods. The robot also features a demo account to test all your strategies before applying them to live to trade. You can move real-time trading after making at least a minimum deposit of $250.

Bitcoin Digital is a bitcoin trading robot that uses cryptocurrency market trends to make trades. The cryptocurrency market looks complex but straightforward to analyze, especially for new investors, and highly volatile. New users have a high win rate of 89%, according to Bitcoin Digital. According to numerous reports, Bitcoin Digital can help users earn thousands of dollars every day.

Bitcoin Digital trading bot uses a highly intuitive algorithm to make trades on behalf of the investor. This algorithm searches the market for trade signals and makes decisions based on accurate data and within the parameters set by the user. Bitcoin Digital is always on the move, scouring the markets for profitable trading opportunities.

The robot website claims that the platform can help users earn $1800 per day, but given the volatility of the bitcoin market, this is difficult to believe. This Bitcoin Digital review will investigate the veracity of such claims made on the platform website to see if Bitcoin Digital is a reliable trading platform.


What is Bitcoin Digital?

Bitcoin Digital is a bitcoin trading robot is designed to trade following cryptocurrency market trends. The cryptocurrency market requires technical knowledge, especially for newcomers, and it is highly volatile, so investors should proceed with caution. According to the company, users have reported at least an 88% success rate with Bitcoin Digital. Several reports have claimed that Bitcoin Digital can help users earn thousands of dollars every day.

Bitcoin Digital trading system makes trades on behalf of the investor using an extremely intuitive algorithm. This algorithm searches the market for trade signals. It makes decisions based on accurate data and within the parameters set by the user when the account was opened, among other things. Bitcoin Digital is always on the lookout for lucrative trading opportunities and ways to make money.

Main Features 

🤖 Type of Robot Bitcoin, CFDs
💰 Software Cost Free
💹 Withdrawal Fee No Fees
💻 Type of platform Web-based
🚀 Min Deposit 250$
💳 Deposit Options Multiple Options
🌎 Countries All – Except Some
🎮 Demo Account Yes

Is Bitcoin Digital a scam or legit?

Yes. Bitcoin Digital tool and related trading systems help many new users make daily bitcoin profits.

In terms of financial transactions, Bitcoin Digital is a trustworthy company. It provides you with incredible trading tools. A large amount of data is analyzed to help you trade like the pros. You do not need to be an expert in cryptocurrency trading because the system will do it for you. When you are ready to trade, the platform will take care of most of your work.

However, the website testimonials section looks similar to those on other robot platforms, which may cause users to be suspicious. True, you can make money on this interface, but not as much as you can on the robot site. Before using a robot service like Bitcoin Digital, we recommend that you do a quick evaluation.

This automated trading system has a high success rate, especially among first-time users. The greater the risk, the greater the reward: cryptocurrency is volatile, which means there are more risks. Before executing any live trades, new users can try out Bitcoin Digital’s free demo account.

Do I need prior knowledge to trade with Bitcoin Digital?

Trading with Bitcoin Digital has been one the easiest among all other trading robots. The interface was well-structured and intuitive. New visitors can navigate the website without the need for prior knowledge. The website was designed with advanced technology making it wells secured and non-vulnerable to external attacks. Every feature is unique and clearly explained to understand the usefulness of function without receiving any help.

The automated trading robot can scan the market and identify trades aligned with specific criteria programmed to the software.

What are automated trading systems, and how do they work?

Traders use an automated trading system to spot volatility and high momentum before placing any trades in the bitcoin market. It evaluates many previous charts to predict the direction of an asset or financial instrument in the market.

An automated trading system generates trades using both qualitative and quantitative data. It can interpret human instruction using Natural Language Processing (NLP). It allows it to enter on the impact of economic news in the market.

It uses a quick selling strategy to profit from falling prices. It also checks previous charts to predict future crypto prices that are likely to form repetitive patterns. When used correctly, trend analysis is quite profitable.

An excellent example of an automated trading system is Bitcoin Digital. It can scan market movement and look for good profitable trends under specific instructions set by a profitable trader.

Key Features of Bitcoin Digital:

Auto Trade Feature

Bitcoin Digital trading bot algorithm is brilliant, capable of extracting data from cryptocurrency markets and global economic news as it happens. On the cryptocurrency market, the algorithm is capable of detecting even the tiniest signals.

The auto trades scan the whole market within a second and will detect highly profitable signals. Also, it enters a trade at a breakneck speed, around 0.01s before the market even reacts to it.

However, as no one can determine market future movement, it is vital to trade by applying strict risk and money management.


After the robot has closed successful trades after a trading session, payouts are made automatically. Every user share gets their share in their account. On the screen available on their dashboard, users can see their earnings.

Simply fill out the withdrawal form on the left-hand side of the trading dashboard control panel. There are no restrictions on withdrawals because you can receive payouts and withdraw every day if you want. In most cases, withdrawals processing takes place within 24 hours.

Verification System

Following account creation, the trader is assigned a representative from a partnered broker. This representative is authorized to conduct business in their jurisdiction and closer to their location. The traders would be required to provide more data to the partner broker and identification and proof of residence. ID verification is also compliant with the Know Your Customer (KYC) measure, a compulsory requirement in many countries worldwide. Traders must upload a government-issued photo ID and the most recent utility bill showing their current address; the Identity verification process is quick and takes only a few minutes.

Withdrawals and Deposits

The processing of withdrawal and deposits are speedy. Deposits are made swiftly using numerous payment solutions, and your Bitcoin Digital is credited almost immediately.

Withdrawals are approved within 24 hours of initiation, depending on the queue at the payment department. It is not one of the platforms where you have to wait for a whole long time to withdraw.


There are no additional costs or fees associated with the platform. The software is entirely free to use, according to the company’s official website. Despite the software being free to use, you will be charged a commission fee for each trade executed on the broker platform after it is completed. This fee is only a tiny portion of the profit.

Bitcoin Digital Advantages 

Free and easy registration
High profits on capital
Fasts deposits and withdrawal
Well designed for emotional stability
Industrious in its dealings
Enter position in less than a second
Partnered with regulated brokers
Success rate up to 96%

How Much Money Can I Make with Bitcoin Digital?

According to the company, Bitcoin Digital generates an income of up to $1800 per day from its operations. Given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, this cannot possibly be true. There are several factors to consider before stating how much a user can accomplish in a day. We cannot guarantee a specific rate because profit is determined by the capital invested, current market conditions, trading platform experience, and cryptocurrency and risk parameters.

Traders are also likely to incur losses; therefore, traders should be aware of their risk tolerance before participating in financial transactions.

Is Bitcoin Digital Right for Me?

Bitcoin Digital is right for everyone who wants to make money. The automated trading robot has been designed for all traders to meet their trading lifestyle.

Because of the volatile nature of all crypto pairs, efficiency is essential for your business when dealing with that digital currency. Trading with better timing can help you achieve greater precision in your trading, which is a factor you should consider. Potential trades are analyzed thoroughly because they significantly impact your overall earning potential and should be considered.

Finding the cryptocurrency market and deciding when to enter it, on the other hand, can be time-consuming tasks. So, traders will need an alternative. In this case, the use of a bitcoin bot is incredibly beneficial. You can save time by using trading bots to monitor and analyze the market before making trades on your behalf if the timing is right. Trading bots are beneficial if you have a lengthy task to complete.

Because repetitive and time-consuming tasks are tedious and time-consuming, they necessitate a lot of effort. Due to the repeated nature of such jobs, they can become monotonous and frustrating. One of the reasons to sell crypto-bots is that they can assist you with these activities and improve the efficiency of the crypto-trading process.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Bitcoin robots are very profitable for so many reasons. The trading robot has been found in so many ways:


Bitcoin Bots are automated programs that buy and sell cryptocurrency. These robots are much faster than humans can, making them far more efficient than manual cryptocurrency trading in terms of timing. To help you place more accurate market decisions on stock exchanges, you might want to consider using a trading indicator.


One of the most significant distinctions between bots and humans is their ability to operate indefinitely and conduct transactions based on specific indicators. In this context, robots have a substantial advantage over humans. It can be challenging to hold your trading discipline; using a trading bot reduces the chances of emotional trading in the cryptocurrency market.

Trading in a Hurry

In the bitcoin trading process, as in most other financial transactions, speed is critical, especially when it comes to Bitcoin trading. As a result, Bitcoin trading bots can maximize your profits through trading while also increasing efficiency.

High success rate

Although many bitcoin robots are not profitable in the market, most of the robots are not programmed to established principles that are profitable in the market for some time. However, there is a high win ratio for the few legitimate ones like Bitcoin Digital compared with the total number of trades taken within a given time. According to the user of this trading bot, it has a minimum of 86% win ratio, which means it is profitable on a net cumulative.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Robots

There is no entirely risk-free trading platform. Traders can lose money totally, and trading platforms can only mitigate the risk if a selected trading platform includes stop-losses. Although Bitcoin Digital has developed a low risk of losing money, you can still lose money. When trading, we recommend that you make use of intelligent investment as fast as possible. Do not put all your savings into the market. Place your additional fund instead and avoid being greedy.

Also, invest more in knowledge to reduce the risk of losing more than winning. The market is not a friend to anyone. Take trades with adequate knowledge and understanding of the possibility of both sides of the transactions.

So why invest in bitcoin through Bitcoin Digital?

Easy to use platform

Bitcoin Digital is one of the websites that employ advanced technology in their website. The trading platform is so intuitive to make new users and experienced traders comfortable in operating it. A novice can easily understand and navigate the dashboard without external help because every feature is clearly expressed. All the platform’s features are independently positioned so that users get access to it with just one click.

Low Risk and High Profitability Potential

One of the achievements of Bitcoin Digital is that it has been able to make more successful trades than losses. The automated trading robot uses artificial intelligence to predict the future movement of bitcoin prices. It so does it well that it employs the time leap technology to enter trades at 0.01s. Even if the movement’s momentum is very high, it will still enter at precise locations. This strategy ensures the trader can maximize profits if it moves in the direction and will be able to cut loss if the market moves in the opposite direction.

However, traders should trade with their disposable money and steadily grow because trading is a high-risk investment.

High level of safety

No trading platform is entirely risk-free. A trade will always involve losing money, and you can only try to reduce the risk if a trading platform with stop losses is chosen. Even though Bitcoin Digital has created a system with a low risk of losing money, you can still lose money. We recommend that you take advantage of intelligent investment as soon as possible when trading. Please do not put your hard-earned money into it. Instead, invest your extra money and avoid being greedy.

Transactions and customer data are completely safe on the platform. Users can be well assured to go on with their trading goals without fear of being hacked. It is safe to use.

How To Start Trading 


The trader has to visit Bitcoin Digital website and complete the form that the website provides. This procedure requires only a few minutes of your time. The national identification card must show the trader name, credit card information, a valid email address, and a phone number exactly the way you submitted the information during registration. By clicking on the verification link sent to their email address and receiving an SMS to their phone number, the user will be required to verify their email address and phone number. After completion, they will have access to the platform features.

Demo Account

According to our investigation on Bitcoin Digital, this auto trading system allows new users to open a demo account to get acquainted with the live platform. Bitcoin Digital demo account simulates live account cryptocurrency market conditions because it depends on historical data. Its performance is entirely dependent on the state of the cryptocurrency market at the time. Also, new users can assess the robot's performance through the demo feature over a chosen period. If it suits them, they might automate their live trading account for automatic trading. Professionals can also make use of this powerful feature to backtest a given strategy.


After you have finished the registration procedure, you will need to make an initial deposit. It is, in essence, a free robot that is licensed and earns money by charging a small commission on the profits generated by its trading feature. It also accepts credit and debit card deposits, and when compared to other robots, its payout system is the most efficient and accurate. Cryptocurrency wallets, Skrill, Neteller, Wire transfers and Webmoney, are all accepted payment methods. Deposits can also be made using popular cryptocurrency wallets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which are acceptable payments.

Live Account

This feature is the part of the game where you can make or lose money. The live trading feature of Bitcoin Digital is accessed by selecting the trading button on the main screen. Before trading with real money, the trader must decide how much risk they are willing to take on each trade. We recommend that a trader not risk more than 10% of their account in a single transaction when trading. There are two modes of these features—the automatic and manual mode. The automatic mode allows the use of robots to place trades on behalf of the investor. The robot automatically scans the market, looks for signals based on programmed instruction, and places trades that meet the requirements.


No, it is not a con.

The company is regulated by the FCA, meaning their action are monitored by a recognized body. Our investigation shows that they pay their users up to date despite their poor promotional techniques. The company has a good record of financial operation and transparency.

However, the trader still needs to be careful as this review is based on the current performance.

Many users claim to make daily Bitcoin profits online, and others claim to make daily Bitcoin profits by trading Bitcoin with Bitcoin Digital.

The truth is that Bitcoin has made many people millionaires in a short period, and it has continued to make people a lot of money as the market cap has increased and more people have expressed interest in it. Many self-made traders have abandoned their day jobs to pursue Bitcoin full-time. To give you a sense of scale, Bitcoin went from $7,000 to $20,000 in a year in 2017. It means that those who purchased Bitcoin at that price and sold it at the all-time high of $20,000 profited handsomely simply by holding the asset.

You do not have to buy Bitcoin to trade it, but you can still invest your money no matter its worth. Complex software takes trades that read the signals emitted by market traders and execute trading orders faster than standard trading tools with Bitcoin Trader robots like Bitcoin Digital. All these are activated with just one click.

The website is safe to use. According to our investigation, the website does not have records of data breaches ever since its establishment. The company has performed swift operations like deposits, payouts, withdrawals, and trading without any issues. They are regulated, making it easier to monitor their operations. The website is entirely safe to use.

Bitcoin Digital robot is a free-to-use program that integrates with brokerage firms and sends out signals using technology shared by the brokers. When read and deciphered, these signals can forecast market trends, increase the success rate of trades executed, and boost profits for users.

This action means that selected brokers offer Bitcoin Digital software as an additional trading tool to help their customers make more successful trades.

It is simple to put together and should only take about 20 minutes. After creating an account, one of the brokers will help you choose the recommended settings and activate the robot. All you need to do is to sit down and watch how it performs throughout the day. You can even try out the demo mode before going live.

You are ready to go live once you have become acquainted with the platform. All you need to do is make a small initial investment to begin trading with the brokers. A $250 investment is suggested as a starting point.

Simply follow these steps to begin trading and learning about Bitcoin Digital:


Create an account on the official website to begin using Bitcoin Digital software. Fill in your information and create your Bitcoin account to access your trading dashboard once you have navigated through the website.

After you sign up, Bitcoin Digital platform will assign you a broker, and you will use that broker to manage your Bitcoin Digital account. It should not take more than 5 minutes to complete the registration process.

Make a deposit

You must first deposit to begin trading. The majority of the brokers on Bitcoin Digital platform demand a $250 minimum deposit. This fee is the cost of placing trades with the broker, not using Bitcoin Digital website based on a subscription model. You will be able to use the amount you deposit as an initial investment and use it in subsequent trading.

Brokers accept several different payment methods. These payment methods include Credit and debit cards, wire transfers, Neteller, WebMoney, and even Bitcoin are commonly used methods. There are no fees or deposits associated with Bitcoin Digital.

Live Trading

You can begin live trading once you have made your deposit. You need to customize the robot with the settings that the broker has recommended or with the trade settings that you believe will be the best for the day.

After choosing the best settings, you can decide how much you want to trade per trade, which trade method you wish to use, which pairs you want to trade with, and how many deals you want to do at once. After you have made your selections, click the auto-trade button and toggle it to “ON.” Keep an eye on your trades and wait for the profits to roll in. that is how users earn every day

There is no information about the developer of Bitcoin Digital. The platform surfaced years back on the internet to help people generate income from the ever-growing cryptocurrency market. The heavy investors tried it and saw a positive result which drew the crowd into the system. The system has been paying ever since then. However, it is a mystery how the owner developed a profit-generating robot without being attached to such a machine. This ethics is a common culture among other cryptocurrencies robots that have been established without ownership pointing to someone in particular.

Losing is part of the game in any financial instrument, including all cryptocurrency market pairs. If you are not prepared to lose, then you should not learn to trade. However, the objective is to have a strategy that makes a substantial net profit from the total number of trades, including gains and losses. Bitcoin Digital has proven to be successful in bitcoin trading over the past years. With logical sentiment and probability, we expect it to continue to make a profit in the cryptocurrency market. However, in this market, we deal with possibilities and no certainty any traders can make a tremendous amount of money. It is also possible to accumulate huge losses from the market.

The trading robot applies high-frequency trading that is impactful irrespective of the direction. Traders are encouraged to trade with the amount they are willing to lose.

By our review, you can trust Bitcoin Digital.

Our research shows that the platform has a record of successful trades and prompt withdrawals. You can confirm these results from the website’s updated testimonials where a user claimed to make $500 and process withdrawal very quickly. The website is well secured, employing the newest technology security protocol to keep customer data safe. You can trade with Bitcoin Digital and make money as others are gathering riches.

First, you need to signup on to the platform to use Bitcoin Digital, and registration is done in 2 minutes. It requires just your name, email, and your phone number. The system will send a verification link through your mail. Once confirmed, you can access the system. on the dashboard, you will need to deposit using the numerous payment solution on the website. A representative from Bitcoin Digital partnered broker will contact you and take you through the deposit procedure. You can then practice using a demo account or trade directly using the automated robot.

Signing up for a demo test is acceptable on Bitcoin Digital. All you have to do is to register on the official website. Registration requires just a little information about yourself, and this should take about a few minutes of your time. After registration, you will have to verify your submitted data. You will have to confirm the email through a link sent to your email.

After, you can then access your dashboard to sign up for the demo account. You can practice your strategy on the demo platform or assess Bitcoin Digital robot performance for profitability.

Experienced traders can use this demo feature for backtesting an intending strategy before using it on a live platform.

It is straightforward to log in to Bitcoin Digital platform. Go to the official homepage of Bitcoin Digital and click on the login page to input your email and your password.

On your dashboard, you can find many functions. Examples are demo trading, deposit link, educational materials, and many more.

10 Tips For Automatic Trading 

1. Study up on Crypto Trading and get some experience with it

Even if you opt to trade using bitcoin robots as your interface, you will need to learn a few critical terminologies before you get started. Because most Bitcoin robots provide you with the vast majority of information you require, you will not have any problems getting started.

2. Do not put more money into an investment than you can bear to lose

New traders are accustomed to making large deposits to benefit from higher returns in the future. It is possible that increasing your investment will lead to more significant profit; however, doing so will also increase your investment risk. To learn the fundamentals of a trade safely, beginners should start with less money and increase their investment portfolio over time as they gain more experience in the industry.

3. Do not be in a hurry

But even though the competition on the cryptocurrency market is getting fiercer by the day, this does not mean you should rush to start your transactions. Before you begin trading, take some time to consider your options, objectives, and potential risks. It is critical to becoming a successful trader in the financial markets. Research shows that many people make financial decisions in haste, and they end up paying for their mistakes in the future.

4. Acquire a deeper understanding of the securities you intend to trade

Thorough knowledge of your favorite assets allows you to create winning trading strategies and consider how the crypto asset has changed over time. Lack of information on the instrument you are trading could put you at greater risk of losing your money and increasing the high probability of your investment going down the drain.

5. You should withdraw your profit

After every successful trade, withdraw your profit. This method ensures you can make up for your initial investment from your profit.

6. Continually Engage in Business

Because the online trading platform is always accessible, you can trade at any time of day or night. Nothing is stopping you from carrying out your routine financial transactions. Spending more than 20 minutes a day on the platform is essential.

7. Gather information on the marketplace

Investors should conduct their market research before buying or selling a cryptocurrency, and the demo feature of Bitcoin Digital offers this service. It is easier for investors to make confident and informed decisions when they understand patterns and trends responsible for reversal or continuation in the bitcoin market. Demo accounts allow you to learn new skills and new knowledge the market is giving you. When you understand trending assets better, you will be better at making a profit.

8. Do not overtrade

After thorough analysis, you need to place a trade. Greediness to overtrade what your capital can accommodate comes in. Trading these ways is not a good idea. Do not trade big lots on your account because trading strategies are more dependent on probabilities. Stick to the rule of the trading strategy.

9. Seeking expert advice

Experienced traders have faced the ups and downs of a market and are well equipped with knowledge about cryptocurrencies behavior. Connect with these people so that they can share their knowledge. When you study a market, you can learn more principles about the market make more informed decisions.

10.Do not trade crypto business with emotions

An error due to emotion can be severe on financial decisions. It is mainly seen in traders who are just new and are unaware of how to deal with the psychological demands of the market when trades are executed when the market becomes emotionally disturbed at a volatility movement against them.

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By sending the form, you agree with the site’s Terms and Privacy Policy. All trading carries risk!

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