vDice - Blockchain Gambling and Ethereum

vDice.io is the leading blockchain gambling game for Ethereum.
vDice - Blockchain Gambling and Ethereum

The game is implemented as an Ethereum Smart Contract.

No account is needed. You send bets directly from your wallet, to the Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain. A win is returned right back to your wallet instantly. A loss returns 1 Wei.

All bets are provably fair and recorded on the Ethereum public blockchain. vDice is unique in the gambling space, as it is the world’s first fully decentralised gambling game. As it relies entirely on Smart Contracts, loaded on the Ethereum blockchain, it is super secure.

Anyone can check and verify the code. Also, there is no need for users to entrust their funds to third parties or the site. Players bet directly from their wallets. Also, you can play from anywhere.

vDice.io takes all the complexity out of betting with Ethereum. It’s super easy to play. Just send a bet to the Smart Contract address, right from your browser wallet. That’s it.

In the Ethereum space the game has a reputation for usability and design. Described as ‘off the wall’, the design of the site pays tribute to the meme that Ethereum is actually Skynet come to life.

Each address is a Smart Contract to bet against or invest it.

That’s right. Players can invest in any contract they like. There is room for 10 investors per contract.The details for investing are on the site. The ‘How To’ guides are all super helpful.

vDice is the leading blockchain gambling game in the Ethereum space. They have their sights set on world domination. Taking the complexity out of cutting edge technology to make it accessible is difficult. This is exactly what vDice has done.

Invest in or play vDice and enjoy the future of internet gambling.

Source: Old BitConnect website, was owned by another entity