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Bitcoin Supersplit App Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Bitcoin Supersplit is a trading app that uses artificial intelligence to predict market movements and help users make millions of dollars with its features. It is common knowledge that the usage of Bitcoin as a trading currency will soon become widespread, with no one being excluded. Then we have no option but to be fully involved in Bitcoin trading. Crypto trading is made simple by the availability of different automated trading platforms. After a critique of reviews, we believe Bitcoin Superslit is one of the best.

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When we looked into Bitcoin Supersplit comprehensively and analyzed traders' responses with firsthand experience using it, we discovered some quite remarkable outcomes. Based on the result, Bitcoin Supersplit appears to be a credible auto-trading system for bitcoin.

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Bitcoin Superslit platform has inbuilt software that analyses markets and conducts trades that will constantly earn users more money. Fake platforms have tarnished the reputation of legitimate trading platforms, leading consumers to believe that all platforms are a con. They accomplish this by imitating the official website of a legit-trading platform. They compel people to join, thereby falling into the trap of irreversible loss. Bitcoin Supersplit, on the other hand, disproves this theory and gives investors hope. It also provides a demo account feature that has all of the features of a real account. Bitcoin Supersplit allows users to test various trading alternatives and develop more profitable trading techniques.

The most effective approach to earning passive income is through cryptocurrency trading, which is growing increasingly popular. It is especially true if you are looking for a platform to put your money on and feel secure doing so. As a result of the Bitcoin super split, you have a safe and well-regulated platform from which to begin trading. As can be seen online and by some reputable financial sites, the value of bitcoin has risen inexorably. The future of commerce and money will be unaffected by cryptocurrency trading, according to proponents.

A growing number of people are using trading apps like Bitcoin Supersplit to trade bitcoins. While these trading systems make it possible for rookies and amateurs to trade without any prior trading skill or experience, they do not assist them in making significant earnings without putting in a considerable amount of effort themselves. Are these mere assertions, or does the trading platform do what it says it will? Are there any risks associated with investing in Bitcoin Supersplit? Continue reading to get a better understanding of this subject.


What is Bitcoin Supersplit?

Cryptocurrency Supersplit is a convenient application that combines all of your trading requirements into a single platform and provides you with access to real-time market research at your fingertips. Bitcoin Supersplit got developed to be the most precise and dependable trading platform available, allowing traders of all levels of knowledge and experience to benefit from it. This software guarantees you intelligence in the shape of trading bots that are constantly online and ready to execute your trades to generate enough profit to allow you to live comfortably for the rest of your life. If you put in the bare minimum amount of money, you will only have to devote 20 minutes per day to monitoring how your trading bot is functioning for you; the rest will become determined by the system and algorithm of this software.

Main Features 

🤖 Type of Robot Bitcoin, CFDs
💰 Software Cost Free
💹 Withdrawal Fee No Fees
💻 Type of platform Web-based
🚀 Min Deposit 250$
💳 Deposit Options Multiple Options
🌎 Countries All – Except Some
🎮 Demo Account Yes

Is Bitcoin Supersplit a scam or legit?

Bitcoin Supersplit appears to be a reliable cryptocurrency exchange tool. This robot received a lot of positive feedback on the internet. It also works transparently, has an active platform, and collaborates with licensed financial institutions. Bitcoin Supersplit has earned several honors, including the “best performance of 2021” award from the US Trade Association. Bitcoin Supersplit includes many beneficial tools that can significantly impact a user’s trading trip, provided they follow risk management and invest prudently.

The crew behind Bitcoin Supersplit, on the other hand, has chosen anonymity, raising questions about the robot’s authenticity in the future. The robot also claims to be 98% accurate; as such, it will have high effectiveness, which market volatility cannot affect. We also found various testimonials on the platform’s website claiming that users may earn thousands of dollars every day without prior knowledge of bitcoin trading.

Despite this robot’s remarkable capabilities, we advise users to exercise caution when using the platform, as the robot cannot eliminate the risks associated with investing in the crypto market.

Do you need prior knowledge to trade with Bitcoin Supersplit?

To use most online trading platforms, investors must have some background knowledge of the bitcoin market. Bitcoin Supersplit is different from other cryptocurrency trading platforms because no prior expertise is required.

Take advantage of the fact that everything is in place for you to attain financial freedom. Artificial intelligence is available to buy and sell bitcoins on your behalf using this trading system. When you use Bitcoin Supersplit, you will not have to worry about training or maintaining a high level of precision, speed, or emotional stability.

Newcomers will appreciate the ease with which Bitcoin Supersplit enables them to learn about the different ways to put it to use. It has a user-friendly trading guide that teaches all you need to know about trading.

Additionally, there is a practice deal section. You can practice different trading methods before committing to a real account on this site, which provides a demo account. In addition, this choice ensures that your lack of trading knowledge does not result in a total loss of your funds.

What are automated trading systems and how do they work?

Have you ever traded manually for an extended period before? You see how tiresome it is, right? Yes, that is why many great minds decided to make trading life easy for all and sundry with the advent of automated trading systems.

The design of these systems is to enter favorably and exit unfavorable transactions on your behalf. And yes, automated trading systems perform all these actions automatically, just as their names suggest.

They do the market research and deal-making in your stead. You only have to click a few times to get them to work. Bitcoin Supersplit serves as an excellent example of this type of trading lifesaver. And traders can use it for a wide range of analyses and evaluations.

The involvement of the user in the overall system operation is not necessary. All you have to do is fund your account and then sit back and relax while the bot takes care of the rest. The system’s trading robots will handle the rest while you go about your daily activities.

The minimum deposit on Bitcoin Supersplit is $250, making it affordable for people of all economic levels to join the network. After allowing live trading, the trading robots scour the bitcoin market for trading opportunities. Its algorithm operates by purchasing cryptocurrencies at a low price and then selling it at a higher price.

Given that its strategy worked flawlessly, we now have a trading robot to recommend. Individuals who are financially struggling may get a second chance to create income that requires no effort.

Key Features of Bitcoin Supersplit

Auto Trade Feature

The most remarkable feature of Bitcoin Supersplit is its auto-trading feature, which allows you to delegate the task of bitcoin trading to someone else and have it completed in record time. The high success rate and return on investment of Bitcoin Supersplit make it an outstanding alternative for resolving deals that have gone missing.

As long as specific conditions get met, this feature will automatically execute transactions based on specified parameters, ensuring that investors’ profits never stop. Because the clever bot will wait until market conditions get fulfilled before commencing any transactions, it will launch the best bargains at any time of day. Important to know is that these settings are not required to be modified for them to be effective. You are not required to make any changes.


The payout process used by Bitcoin Supersplit ensures that you will receive your money quickly and accurately. According to the result of our evaluations and the auto trader’s statement on its official page, traders may profit up to $1,500 per day on average by utilizing the bot’s services without experiencing any difficulties.

Some traders made such significant sums of money from their transactions, which got some new investors into a frenzy. However, it is wise to be more composed because, once you become an expert too, you will enjoy this kind of profit. So, do not be concerned about anything for now. Take encouragement in the fact that the system has the capability of automating most of its processes. As a result, you can go about your regular activities while your robot automatically deposits money into your bank account after each good trade.

Verification System

You will be able to trade live on Bitcoin Supersplit once your account has gotten validated. Verification is an easy and quick process. It is quick and easy. For the broker to handle any financial transactions, customers must provide means of identification and open a payment account with them. Before their initial use, clients are even more protected thanks to these security measures. A government-issued photo ID card or driver’s license, as well as a recent utility bill, will be required throughout the verification process. According to rumors, it can be certified and ready to trade in as little as 10 minutes.

Withdrawals and Deposits

It was impressive to see how quickly and efficiently Bitcoin Supersplit platform processed withdrawals when reviewing online trader comments. Traders using Bitcoin Supersplit platform can cash out their profits at any time because withdrawals get processed within 24 hours.

Customers can fund their accounts in a variety of ways in addition to making quick withdrawals. Thus, Bitcoin Supersplit team values its consumers above anything else. Depositing money on the platform is cost-free and with no delays. Although, you should find out if your domiciliary country is supported and know your local bank’s transaction rate and period. Depending on their skill level, users can earn anywhere from $250 to $15,000.


It is important to note that utilizing Bitcoin Supersplit is free because it dedicated itself to openness and transparency. There is no price for using the platform, and there is no license fee as well.

Anyone using Bitcoin Supersplit service can do so without worrying about broker commissions or transaction costs. As said earlier, under the previous section, ensure you ascertain your local bank procedures and transactional fees that your home country bank may impose on your deposit into Bitcoin Supersplit wallet.

Bitcoin Supersplit Advantage 

Prior experience is not necessary
The system works on mobile devices
Multiple payment options are supported
Withdrawals are quick and easy
Low-risk level on trades
High profitability potential
Responsiveness and ease of use
Withdrawal takes just 24 hours

How Much Money Can You Make with Bitcoin Supersplit?

Assigning an actual monetary value on profits, you can make while trading with this auto trader is difficult because the amount is difficult to quantify. It can range from as little as nothing to as much as unlimited. However, various factors influence the amount of money you will be able to earn.

It has been demonstrated through research and professional experience that it is limitless. It is impossible to predict how much money you will make from trading on Bitcoin Supersplit trading platform until you begin trading with it. Making predictions about the direction of the cryptocurrency market is difficult because of the volatility of the market.

Because there is a significant risk associated with using Bitcoin Supersplit program, we cannot provide you with an accurate profit estimate. Profit margins can be increased due to the high quality of the program and its thorough market analysis, making it a wise investment for you.

By following the instructions provided, you can use Bitcoin Supersplit software to make better trading decisions and improve your overall trading performance, even if you have no prior trading experience. Another factor that directly impacts how much money you can make from trading is the amount of money you have invested. The greater the amount of money you invest, the greater the money you could potentially make

Is Bitcoin Supersplit Right for You?

Bitcoin Supersplit trading robot comes with a ton of valuable features. And you do not need to be a crypto specialist to run it because of its high speed, automation, and user-friendly interface, among other characteristics. It can potentially make continuous profits while trading the crypto market. Hence, this auto trading system is ideal for you. Technically, it is right for you because of the following:

Controlling your feelings

During the trading process, many traders become emotional. When you leave a deal hoping to make money, it can drag on for a long time. It can severely harm your portfolio, which is why you should use an automatic trader.

Make a thorough note of the trading methods you intend to employ, and then let the auto trader do the rest while you focus on other things.

High level of precision that is unrivaled in the cryptocurrency industry

The need to be precise in this ever-volatile market keeps growing by the day. And it was a concern for traders until Bitcoin Supersplit came along, helping many succeed. It can precisely get in and out of trades with and without your involvement at the correct times.

Complex strategies get demystified

Trading tactics are of varying degrees of difficulty. And some are more difficult to grasp by hand. They are too difficult to learn, even though they ensure a profitable trade when applied. These transactions, however, can be made with Bitcoin Supersplit to maximize your profits.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Trial account

Newcomers need to understand that they will not always be able to make money right away. Before you start making money trading cryptocurrencies, you’ll need some experience. Before putting actual money at risk, users can practice their strategies on a dummy account provided by Bitcoin Supersplit.

Great timing of a trade

Because crypto bots utilize intelligent software to trade, they can purchase and sell your bitcoin considerably faster than you can if you manually transact. A bot can help you place more exact market orders when you are employing a trading indicator.

There are several different currencies

Among the most often traded cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum, which you may discover when visiting Bitcoin Supersplit webpage. In addition, you can use several fiat currencies.

Customer support center

You may expect 24-hour support from Bitcoin Supersplit help desk staff if you encounter problems while using the website.


The ability of bots to dependably and consistently execute trades based on specific indicators sets them apart from humans. Here, robots have far surpassed humans in performance. Trading cryptocurrencies while maintaining your trading discipline can be challenging; however, using a trading bot reduces the likelihood of trading based on emotions.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Robots

During this evaluation, we discovered some potential issues with crypto trading and also proposed some relevant solutions to each of the potential risks as follows:

The first item on the list is the human element. It is difficult to make sound decisions when continuously trading on emotions like overconfidence, ambition, anxiety, and worry. It is why beginner or intermediate traders should always designate a target exit point in any trade, according to experts.

Another consideration is a market anomaly. When market trends change often, it is easy to lose money. As a result, the creators of Bitcoin Supersplit have enhanced the trading robot’s capabilities, allowing it to finish transactions far faster than the market can react.

Stop-loss limitations also got added to Bitcoin Supersplit, which has helped to prevent all crypto investors’ trading money from being lost. Using the stop-loss limit incorporated in Bitcoin Supersplit trading robot, you can monitor the market and analyze existing patterns to find probable indicators of a bearish market trend. When this occurs, the trade is put on hold until the market’s patterns change.

So why invest in bitcoin through Bitcoin Supersplit?

Easy to use platform

Crypto trading robots design levels the playing field for novices and even the most experienced traders and makes trading on the cryptocurrency markets as simple as possible. Transactions in exchange for Bitcoin and other digital assets are supposed to take only a few minutes, resulting in a relatively frictionless experience for the user. There are no problematic steps required in establishing or authenticating your account, and you can use a sample account to get a feel for the platform before investing your own money. This robot’s user-friendly interface allows users to alter risk management settings and transactions with the easy press of some keys when working with it.

Low Risk and High Profitability Potential

Having a system that is both reliable and delivers results is the best deal any investor can ever get. And it is no news that all trading activities bore down to having a high profit at the barest risk possible. So, what can be more rewarding to a trader than having these two concurrently? Nothing!

Bitcoin Supersplit boasts a system design incorporated with many advantageous functionalities and features that make the cryptocurrency trading dreams of investors a reality. It has bespoke features to enable investors to learn the rope of crypto trading easily and quickly realize the promised success rate.

Investors should, however, remember that their investment amounts should be modest because correct trading demands start with the lowest trading amount possible, so little or no losses can occur due to incorrect trading.

High level of safety

Consumers are well-protected by Bitcoin Supersplit’s security measures, and we have not heard any complaints regarding the trading platform’s safety. To protect its consumers, Bitcoin Supersplit has implemented several security mechanisms. Military-grade encryption is one example. Because the majority of cyber attacks begin at the moment of data submission, website encryption is essential. The database of Bitcoin Supersplit uses 128-bit key encryption for security protection against any form of hacking.

So, no cyber attack will be able to get past this level of encryption. We also discovered that Bitcoin Supersplit owners ensured the availability of a rapid response team in the event of a cyberattack. To troubleshoot for breaches, this team regularly engages the system with a series of penetration tests. Furthermore, the platform is GDPR compliant to follow data protection laws strictly.

How To Start Trading 


Open your Bitcoin Supersplit account by clicking here and filling out the signup form on the top right. Verify all of your information to make sure there are not any errors during verification. Accept their terms and conditions and tick the box to get updates. If you do not sign up for the mailing list, you will miss out on Bitcoin Supersplit's regular updates. Before registering for an account, be sure you have read the fine print. Bitcoin Supersplit will verify your email and phone number. This broker's page will also ask you to prove your identification. In most countries, KYC regulatory requirements include identity verification as part of the process.

Demo Account

Bitcoin Supersplit instruction center is well-equipped to assist users inadequately preparing before the main trading activities can start. Video courses and manuals are some of the resources for learning about trading. These resources are written in everyday language, making it simple for everyone to grasp them. Bitcoin Supersplit also offers regular webinars on the state of the crypto markets. Risk management is a topic that should receive more focus during the education phase. It features risk-definition tools, including Negative Balance Protection, Take Profit and Stop Loss, like other robots like Bitcoin Supersplitfit and Bitcoin Trader. With Bitcoin Supersplit demo, users may practice trading on the actual market before going live.


To engage in the bitcoin market, you must have at least USD 250 in your account. The underlying broker's mandate is to facilitate deposits, as previously indicated. We are confident in the reliability of our Bitcoin Supersplit partner brokers. Tier-one regulators like the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK are all they have. Securities and investment companies are regulated in Australia by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Debit/credit cards, wire transfers, electronic wallets, bitcoin, and many other methods of funding your Bitcoin Supersplit account are all options.

Live Account

If you have practiced enough on the demo account, switching to the live trading account should be simple. Before starting a live session, all you have to do is change the risk settings. Stop-Loss, Take-Profit, and Negative Balance Protection are all risk elements in Bitcoin Supersplit. With the Stop-Loss tool, you may specify how much risk you're ready to take on each trade. We advise you to never trade with more than 10% of your capital at a time. To prevent becoming overconfident, you can use the Take Profit function to choose when to exit profitable transactions. In contrast, Negative Balance Protection protects you from going into the red by trading.


Before making any financial investment, people want to ensure the company they are dealing with is legitimate. Ex-customers report that Bitcoin Supersplit is generating earnings of at least $1500 every single day. And that Bitcoin Supersplit, in contrast to other trading platforms, does not charge any commissions or additional fees. The account holder is responsible for all investments and earnings made.

Furthermore, many seasoned investors have put their money where their mouth is and attested to the platforms’ reliability. It has proven to be the most successful instrument for cryptocurrency trading. Many doubts remain about the conclusion of Bitcoin Supersplit, but for the time being, it appears to have provided traders with some positive outcomes.

No, it is not a scheme designed to scam you out of your money. Even though there are publications on the internet claiming that it is fake, we admonish you not to deprive yourself of the chance of legitimately making money online in the cryptocurrency market. However, if it will make you feel better, you can double-check all information about Bitcoin Supersplit from the internet.

Based on our results, we can assure you that it is the real deal, albeit there are a few aspects that the brains behind it could improve.

Many traders attested to the functionality of its numerous fascinating features. And we believe that improving earning potential while trading cryptocurrencies online can assist new, intermediate, and expert traders.

Any transaction involving money or personal information must be under stringent security due to its sensitivity. And we all know that both money and personal data are always interested in trading online, which has always been a source of concern for traders. The need to resolve this issue has kept Bitcoin Supersplit on its toes to serve its users better. Many security and protection methods and mechanisms are available on the trading platform to continuously ensure all trading operations get conducted most safely and reassuringly.

The high-performance SSL encryption with 128-bit levels ensures that users’ data and accounts are completely safe. As a result, you can rely on Bitcoin Supersplit to help you break free financially.

Bitcoin Supersplit is an automated trading tool that allows traders to gain significant returns on a small investment of just $250. Additionally, it features a trading bot that does every activity on your behalf so that you can maximize your profits from the market.

Because of this, Bitcoin Supersplit offers an encrypted server that complies with SSL and AML standards to keep your information safe from third-party hackers. Existing Bitcoin Supersplit customers report that they trade with confidence thanks to the platform’s good features.

Any transaction involving money or personal information must be under stringent security due to its sensitivity. And we all know that both money and personal data are always interested in trading online, which has always been a source of concern for traders. The need to resolve this issue has kept Bitcoin Supersplit on its toes to serve its users better. Many security and protection methods and mechanisms are available on the trading platform to continuously ensure all trading operations get conducted most safely and reassuringly.

The high-performance SSL encryption with 128-bit levels ensures that users’ data and accounts are completely safe. As a result, you can rely on Bitcoin Supersplit to help you break free financially.

It has been a significant question mark for Bitcoin Supersplit since its creation, and it continues to be so today. As of this writing, there have been no trustworthy sources to confirm who the owner(s) of this fantastic trading platform is or are. We made countless efforts to determine who was behind the establishment of Bitcoin Supersplit. Still, it appears that everyone will have to accept that the owners of Bitcoin Supersplit are following in the footsteps of the owners of the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Even if it is tempting to tell you that the answer is “No,” it is possible to lose money when trading on Bitcoin Supersplit. You run the risk of losing all you have worked so hard to accumulate. Findings showed various reasons for this occurrence: excessive trading confidence, trading on emotion, taking needless risks, and failing to monitor market developments, among other easily avoidable factors.

But experts have also said that the chance of your account balance blowing up is minimal if you can keep away from your account when you are overconfident, emotional, and not following the newest market news. You should also only use the tried-and-true tactics available to you.

The validity of any platform determines whether or not it will be valuable to clients, and Bitcoin Supersplit is at the top of the list of platforms approved by the United States Trading Association. As can be observed among the present traders of Bitcoin Supersplit, they are making a substantial amount of money each day without engaging in any fraudulent or illegal actions. Following the review’s conclusion, we determined that it is the most legitimate platform for earning money through cryptocurrency trading and is trustworthy.

The trading interface on Bitcoin Supersplit lets you quickly access all of your trading options on a single screen. Trading history, open transactions, and available assets for trading are all displayed on the dashboard, and a control panel allows you to keep track of all of the tools required to use the robot’s services get displayed on the control panel. In addition to this, you may use the control panel to manually establish stop losses and stop limits, providing you with yet another level of control over your transaction. Users new to bitcoin trading can also take advantage of the platform’s demo trading feature to become more familiar with the user interface and the bitcoin trading environment.

You can, without a doubt! Trades on Bitcoin Supersplit is available to both new and experienced investors. If you have no prior trading experience, you may be apprehensive about getting started because of this. There is a demo part on Bitcoin Supersplit where traders can practice whatever they want.

It gives customers the freedom to try out different approaches, and experts can even go back and evaluate their results. As a result, you can open a demo account and practice trading for as long as you like before depositing real money and getting started.

You must first become a registered member of the platform to log in to the trading platform. You must establish an account and register yourself as a new user to utilize the service. The system will ask for some of your personal information during your registration, as well as your desired username and a sufficiently strong password that will protect your account and make it hard for third parties to access your account.

Once you have completed the registration and basic verification processes, you will instantly sign in to your account. You will, however, need to enter your username and password for all further login attempts. Make sure that you have dependable internet service. If you have forgotten any of your login information, you should simply contact the platform support desk, which is always available.

10 Tips For Automatic Trading 

1. First on the list is to learn everything you can about trading

Before you begin, you must understand the fundamentals of cryptocurrency trading because it is a challenging method to master on your own and requires extensive research. It is vital to comprehend trading fundamentals before configuring a trading robot for maximum efficiency.

2. Become more knowledgeable about cryptocurrency

It is critical to have a thorough grasp of the crypto asset you are trading when making any trade. It is especially true in a market with as many possibilities as the cryptocurrency market. Being well-informed is the key to maximizing all opportunities the market might present.

3. Begin by registering for a demo account

Although you can begin live trading as soon as you create an account on a robot, we strongly advise you to practice first on a demo account before moving forward. It will provide you the opportunity to become more acquainted with the platform before putting your money in danger.

4. Begin with a modest financial commitment

Starting small and building your portfolio and returns over time is the most successful technique for long-term success in investing. If you can train yourself to accomplish this, you will enhance your trading ROI while keeping risk at bay. So, keep this tip to your heart.

5. Use the money you can lose and not break down

Trading financial assets, such as cryptocurrencies, entails risks, and you may incur financial losses if you are not cautious in your decisions. To enhance your chances of profit, most experienced traders recommend spending money you can afford to lose. In the majority of cases, the system will deduct these monies from your discretionary income. And this means that if a deal goes against you, you do not lose money that could otherwise function for other essential living necessities or build up your savings account.

6. Pay Attention to the Experts’ Suggestions

Also, as previously stated, trading specialists can help you get the most out of your trading robot. To be automated, Bitcoin Supersplit must use computer programs. Nothing surpasses the advice of a successful expert who does it all.

To master risk management, you must first master the most basic premise from a professional. You can receive expert help by using social media, copying and pasting materials, or examining them.

7. Do not let yourself get carried away when it comes to trading

A common problem for bitcoin traders is the temptation to get rich quickly. You want to make a lot of money with this deal, so you set your daily profit rate at a very high percentage to achieve that aim.
Because you are dealing with a bot, neither your emotions nor your expertise can affect the transaction outcome unless you’re the one doing the trading. It does not matter how accurate your forecast is if you miss the market’s shift by even a fraction.

8. Consider using a ‘Demo’ account

As a beginner, we recommend using the demo account first and then making your way up to the live trading platform. The use of this platform without understanding how it works puts your money in danger. Also, a significant sum of money is almost certainly involved.

Having said that, if you have a firm grasp of how the platform works, you may begin trading and living on it.

9. Use all the provided risk management features considerably

You should set the stop-loss feature far enough away from access points to be effective. A typical blunder made by traders is putting their stop loss too close to their profit aim.

As a result, many traders miss out on this vital tip until it’s too late to gain. With this approach, you can rest assured that your robot will not prematurely terminate your transaction at the first hint of a downward market trend.

10. Consider the long-term activities

Even though cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, the market has had a significant impact on investment. According to analysts, this trend is unlikely to reverse itself anytime soon. Investing in stable coins for the long term can pay dividends on occasion. Do your best to hedge your investment portfolio by making long-term commitments.

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