Old Bitconnect trading & lending exchange platform

History of Old Bitconnect Platform Until Shutting Down

Bitconnect exchange platform was a trading & lending system who scam investors with Ponzi-scheme. A Timeline of highlighted events from Thailand & philippines conference, BitConnectX, ICO release, BCC coin price, BCC wallet & volatility software update until the system shutting down

Bitconnect is a Crypto Bots leading magazine. In the past, the brand name Bitconnect and our domain address, was belonged to a ponzi-scheme platform. To not confuse our visitors, we decided to introduce to you the history of the ponzi-scheme platform who used the same brand name and domain address in the past

Old Bitconnect History Timeline 

BitConnect Coin ICO Official Timeline Released for 2016-2017
Bitconnect Coin (BCC) Exchange Launch
Investing in Bitconnect Lending Details Page Launch
How Does Bitconnect Exchange Work
Bitconnect Coin (BCC) Hits New All-Time High Price
Bitconnect Bitcoin Price Volatility Software Details Page Launch
Bitconnect Annual Ceremony Event at Thailand
Bitconnect Conference Philippines
BitConnect wishes happy New Year 2018 and ICO update - BitConnectx
Bitconnect Update Regarding The Changes To Lending and Exchange Functions
What Can I Do With My Interest What Can I Do With Bitconnect Details Page
After Completion Of My Lending Contract, Would I Get Back USD or BCC?
Bitconnect Coin ICO Will Proceed Without Bittrex Exchange
(Shutting Down) Changes coming for the Bitconnect system - Halt of lending and exchange platform