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Bitcoin Trader App Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Several reviews of Bitcoin Trader bot online indicate that the software is one of the most popular and profitable trading bot that make the trading process more straightforward and predicts the fluctuation in bitcoin prices at a very high accuracy of 99. The automated trading bot helps users analyze the market, create trade strategies and execute a trade based on several market variables. However, it is not surprising that several people online ask if Bitcoin Trader is a scam or legit.

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We can see that Bitcoin Trader is one of the best-automated trading programs for people who want to make more money in the cryptocurrency market. If standard trading guidelines are followed, then rapid and consistent profits on investments are assured. So, sign up now!
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Bitcoin Trader, In the automated mode, the robot monitors the market, analyzing market data and ongoing trades, helping investors buy and sell coins and profit no matter how skilled they are. Since the bot was created in 2017, most users have made massive profits via the platform. Because fake websites are masquerading as the bot’s official website, people are skeptical to believe the platform is not a con. Bitcoin Trader has been tested and is safe for trading. The testimonials you read online about the trading bot are real and not fake, as the reviews were based on users’ real tests and opinions. Bitcoin Trader is not a con. To create an avenue for secure and safe registration, we’ve placed a sign-up form for registration and verifying your account on this page. Fortunately, before going into live trades, you can try the demo account to test your trading skills.

With the rising Fintech business, cryptocurrency traders are making a lot of money. Crypto trading, on the other hand, is no longer restricted to experienced investors. Various auto trading platforms have made it relatively simple for anyone to profit from the cryptocurrency market. Auto trading platforms are AI-powered and come with a variety of features to make trading simple for beginners. However, choosing the right trading platform from a myriad of possibilities is difficult.

Bitcoin Trader, an automated trading system, is a bitcoin trading platform that is open-source and automated. It is one of the most popular AI-powered trading platforms. The platform is legal and licensed. The most impressive aspect, according to reviewers, is its features. Recently, traders observed that Bitcoin Trader platform’s features yielded positive results and generated significant gains. The AI is ready to perform the services of an auto trading platform with just a click.

To start trading on Bitcoin Trader platform, you only need to begin with as low as $250. Please continue reading to learn more about this platform, how it works, whether it is a fraud, and the benefits and drawbacks.


What is Bitcoin Trader?

It is a fully automated trading platform that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence, AI, algorithms to generate profits. Clever trading bots carry out trading activities. Traders can also deposit money into their Bitcoin trader account using an automated mechanism on the platform. People are ecstatic about Bitcoin Trader’s rise to prominence because it has autonomous and clever trading robots that provide the means to multiply their hard-earned money.

Bitcoin Trader is ideal for folks who have daytime office jobs and wish to double their money daily. Users can launch trading robots to do trading activities and end trading sessions using this platform for only 20 minutes each day. It benefits the busy population since it allows them to take advantage of opportunities to earn a supplementary income from their investment.

Main Features 

🤖 Type of Robot Bitcoin, CFDs
💰 Software Cost Free
💹 Withdrawal Fee No Fees
💻 Type of platform Web-based
🚀 Min Deposit 250$
💳 Deposit Options Multiple Options
🌎 Countries All – Except Some
🎮 Demo Account Yes

Is Bitcoin Trader a scam or legit?

The validity of Bitcoin Trader was the most frequently asked question from traders looking to maximize their profits. As a result, it was the first thing we checked. Bitcoin Trader has shown to be 100% legitimate and suited for both new and experienced traders.

After confirming Bitcoin Trader’s validity, we looked on the internet for feedback from current and former users to see what the trading industry has to say about it to pinpoint areas to look into while being reviewed. Guess what? We found out a couple of responses. Some users said it was the best and most reliable trading platform they had ever used, while others said they had to stop using it due to some problems.

It was not unexpected; after all, not everyone can be satisfied with a product. However, in light of the complicated execution system, this crypto trade system provides an excellent outcome for successful cryptocurrency traders, suggesting it is entirely legitimate.

Do I need prior knowledge to trade with Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is a made-for-all auto trading system that is also free to use. At this age, one of the primary conditions that must be satisfied is using computing gadgets. And this is the only thing required to use Bitcoin Trader. You do not need any form of formal training or prior trading knowledge. Once you are literate enough to handle your computing system, then you are good to go.

The system entirely erased any need for prior knowledge thanks to the design of the trading system and its inclusion of some intuitive features like the demo section or the dedicated customer service. For instance, you can decide to start using the trading robot. All you need to do is read some available resources on the platform; practice what you learn in the demos section until you are confident to go live!

And whenever you require help, you can get your queries over to the provided help desk. Always remember you need no previous experience or understanding to use Bitcoin Trader.

What are automated trading systems, and how do they work?

Automated trading systems are digital currency trading software that allows investors to benefit by providing accurate buy and sell order recommendations. They have recently become the fastest and most reliable way to generate money online. These systems allow users to trade in the bitcoin market for huge profits every week.

These systems make use of cutting-edge algorithms to assess markets precisely and forecast good investment possibilities for investors. It analyzes the distinct trends in buying and selling various cryptocurrencies and combines this information with other criteria to provide profitable trading tips. Cryptocurrency traders are reaping huge rewards from the burgeoning market thanks to these automated trading platforms.

Additionally, it has allowed people who previously had no access to or knowledge of crypto trading. Many automated trading tools have made it possible to earn easy profits in the cryptocurrency market. Auto trading platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) and various features to make trading simple for beginners. The only problem is that there are so many platforms to choose from, making it difficult to know which one to choose.

Key Features of Bitcoin Trader:

Auto Trade Feature

Since Bitcoin Trader is open to all and sundry, the need to include automation is required. Many people joining in the use of these trading systems are not full-time traders. They are present in different life works, making it difficult always to sit and manually analyze and execute trades.

Trading requires the highest level of accuracy. You cannot achieve this level of accuracy if you combine trading with regular jobs. To arrest this situation and remove the inconvenience of manual trading, Bitcoin Trader provides its users with an auto trade feature.

Auto-trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are now possible for traders of all job types, and it might bring them enormous gains virtually every day without any issues. This platform’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to buy and sell Bitcoin.


Payout procedure on Bitcoin Trader is an easy task, and it is the most loved aspect of the platform by the users. It does not require waiting for long or any form of technical difficulties. It does not require all those tiresome and lengthy paperwork. This feature facilitates the crediting of users’ withdrawal requests into their local bank account.

Generally, before you can request a payout, specific steps and conditions must have been fulfilled. The account must be a live account. That is, it has been activated with an initial deposit. Note that all earnings made in the demo section are just for practice purposes. Initiating a withdrawal request for it is impossible.

Once a trade session completes, you can request a payout by initiating a withdrawal request. There is no limit to the withdrawable amount, and you can make a request daily. All payouts are processed within 24 hours and sent to the user’s stated local bank account.

Verification System

The importance of verifying user’s information cannot be overemphasized. It is the latter part of the registration process, and you can do the verification when updating user information. It involves a quick confirmation of the user’s details. It is a seamless procedure that does not take longer than necessary. When creating an account, ensure you have a stable internet connection to receive the needed verification swiftly.

The verification process is via your email or phone number submitted during registration. The system sends a verification link to your submitted email address or phone number. All you need to do is check your email or phone and click on the link to get verified and start trading to earn profit.

Withdrawals and Deposits

A withdrawal is not possible without at least the first deposit. Before your local bank account is debited to deposit on Bitcoin Trader platform, you must provide the security code issued by the payment source. There are no hidden fees while using Bitcoin Trader to make deposits. Your local bank is responsible for any additional fees.

Remember that processing your deposit may take up to 2 days before reflecting on your Bitcoin Trader account. After earning a profit on the initial deposit made, you can then choose to withdraw all your funds or only the profits made. The system will receive, process, and complete your request within a day.


Bitcoin Trader is free to use because it does not require money or payment processing on its platform, which is the most advantageous feature for traders. Downloading, using, and withdrawing are free of charge.

The money a user puts in and the money they make is entirely theirs to do with as they like. Traders do not have to pay any fees to withdraw their money at any time. A trader’s local financial institution handles any additional fees. The system’s only fee is a tiny percentage of the investors’ profits.

Bitcoin Trader Advantages 

Original testimonials and remarks confirmation
The payout system is fast
Fast and accurate trading robots
Faultless algorithms are always used
100% legitimate and free
Payouts are always accurate
Bitcoin Trader’s brokers are registered
Quick and excellent customer assistance

How Much Money Can I Make with Bitcoin Trader?

Your earning potential is virtually limitless. Despite Bitcoin Trader’s potential earning claim, the truth is that you can make unlimited money with this automated trading system. The quantity of investment you can make is one of the most critical determinants of earning.

More money invested equals more profit, in other terms. After completing the quick Bitcoin Trader signup process, you will directly access your account and start using it immediately. You do not have to wait for your account to be approved like other alternative trading software before you can trade.

Is Bitcoin Trader Right for You?

It is right for you so long you want to make money part-time or full-time trading in cryptocurrency. Bitcoin trader is designed in such a way that it has very little to no risk involved. The user interface makes it possible to use with ease. So, there is no fear of having to face difficulty trying to make more money.

It is equipped with efficient computing technologies with intelligent algorithms that ensure you trade with the best signal or offer available. Many traders have been victims of fraudulent trading systems, but Bitcoin Trader’s reviews speak more of its effectiveness at you more money.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

No emotional setbacks

Trading is not for the frail at heart, neither is it for those that market volatilities can easily sway. Occasional, you cannot eliminate anomalies in the crypto world. It can potentially make or mar any trading venture. It then raised the need to have an intelligent means of trading that emotions cannot directly influence.

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading system that can effectively help make informed and winning trades without the influence of any human emotion. Simply put, it eliminates emotions like greed and the fear of missing out on a signal.

Profits maximization

With an automated trading system, trading can perpetually continue for a long time. You can trade at any time of the day. Even while at sleep, you can still be having your robots make more money for you.

Nothing beats you to the best

In terms of speed of analysis and efficiency of operations, even employing some of the most seasoned and professional traders will fall short of trading robots. Bitcoin trading robots execute trades for you far more quickly than you could ever hope to. Making money is all about seizing changes as promptly as possible in the cryptocurrency sector, just as in any other industry.

So, you must set up your trading system correctly if you want it to execute optimal transactions for you consistently. Trading bots can also help you work more efficiently and earn more money by automating tasks that would otherwise be done by hand.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Robots

Refusal or lateness to withdraw profit

The more you trade with an automated trading system, the better you become. This analogy is accurate, especially if you take a lot of time to practice in the demo section. Your gained experience might serve you well and give you a streak of winning trades.

However, you might be tempted to keep your profit with the capital to increase your projected profit level. Doing this is unwise because the market can take a turn at any time, and such a turn might not favor you. You may end up losing everything altogether. Experts recommend that irrespective of your level of expertise, never indulge in the practice of negative cash flow.

You can lose your money

Losing money to trade is not strange to the cryptocurrency world. And there are several ways such can happen, with users responsible for almost all. Some traders use untested tactics on their real accounts and lose part or all of their funds. Some get scammed with their money because they did not research the trading platform they chose. These are easily avoidable errors, so abstain from them.

So why invest in bitcoin through Bitcoin Trader?

Easy to use platform

Reviews have shown that traders tend to enjoy platforms with enhancing features and excellent user interfaces. And this is why traders around the globe are flocking to join Bitcoin Trader platform.

On Bitcoin Trader platform, there are additional features that make trading an enjoyable experience for users. One of these features is the demo feature. With it, users can initially practice their trade tactics before using them in live mode.

Low Risk and High Profitability Potential

Bitcoin Trader has incorporated some of the latest computing technologies to help it perform effectively. The trading risk level is reduced with the aid of the embedded algorithms. It can accurately scan the market to check for favorable deals while avoiding the potentially fatal ones.

Once it gathers and analysis all the data needed to identify all the potentially high gain trades, the robot’s quick speed feature comes into play as it makes a fast trade when the market is in your favor.

High level of safety

The security measure in place on Bitcoin Trader is an industry-best type. However, cybercriminals’ continuous attacks on the crypto market have made Bitcoin Trader repeatedly leveled up its security protocols. If you are looking for a platform where your profit, privacy, and account security are guaranteed, you should sign up with Bitcoin Trader auto trading platform. It has an impenetrable encryption layer securing all its users.

How To Start Trading 


The registration process is the first step to start trading on Bitcoin Trader. Unlike other crypto industry trading bots, the account registration process does not require you to fill out a complete set of details before opening an account. All you have to do is complete a simple account registration form in just a few minutes using uncomplicated and straightforward steps. To secure your account, you will provide basic information such as your full name, email address, phone number, and an alphanumeric password. A verification link will then be emailed to the email address or sent via SMS to the phone number provided during registration. Furthermore, there is no need for an ID scan, bank statements, or account security codes. For successful signup, you only need basic account information, payment method information, and a stable internet connection for the whole procedure.

Demo Account

It is one of the perks of using Bitcoin Trader. It is a free feature with your account and is incorporated to help you achieve successful trades. Before you start using the automated trading tool in a live trading account, giving it a thorough test through the demo is good. The demo mode is a simulation of real-time trading without the usage of real money. It is a superb recreation of the real-life situation. Examine how you can execute live transactions and the system's effectiveness in Bitcoin Trader demo mode. Once you are comfortable with the practice trades, you should make a profit from it. Although you will not be able to withdraw the earnings from the demo mode, it should provide you with the confidence to make a profit with your initial deposit of $250. Try as many strategies as you like with this model.


Every trader who signs up has one goal in mind, to make money. You cannot make real monetary progress in the demo section. It is now time to go live by making your first deposit. We recommend that new users begin with a $250 minimum deposit and gain experience before making more significant deposits. Making a deposit is simple, thanks to the trading platform's numerous payment choices. You can make deposits using MasterCard, Visa, or Maestro, and the user must enter the card's expiration date and security code to validate its legality. On Bitcoin Trader, there are numerous security mechanisms in place to safeguard users' online safety. Fortunately, all transactions are encrypted using SSL. As a result, users have complete freedom in entering their payment details.

Live Account

Before engaging in a live transaction, all new users should establish trading limits. Thus, any investment will be protected or, at the very least, have huge losses reduced. Unless a user updates the parameters before a transaction, the system automatically applies a user's initial limit settings every trading day. According to other reviews and Bitcoin Trader customers, a little initial deposit can result in significant profits.


No, it is not. The rate at which deceptive trading platforms appear in the market has made many think it is a trading system trying to con them out of their purse. Series of reviews and researches have repeatedly shown that this is not the case with Bitcoin Trader. The enhancing features included in the platform strongly suggest that the owners are always after the success of its users. If the users cannot make a profit, it defies its purpose of existence.
The number of reviews speaks volumes about Bitcoin Trader. It is a REAL platform to makes money with little to no hassle. Yes, its operations have been looking too perfect. And this is because they have been carefully constructed to be error-free. No fake trading system will dare join hands with industry-renowned brokers or champion adherence to cryptocurrency trading regulations. Using Bitcoin Trader is one of the wisest steps you have ever taken to achieve your life goals financially.
It is safe to trade cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Trader. On the platform, your details and account are firmly secured with multi-level encryption. Bitcoin Trader took measures against intrusion. You do not have to be anxious about the safety of your data on the platform. Bitcoin trader understands the severity of exposing your details to unauthorized third parties and even frowns at anything that can jeopardize your trust in its service. Recent happenings worldwide have prompted Bitcoin Trader owners to beef up the security around its services. Also, it is an auto trading system that is GDPR compliant. So, you have nothing to fear.
Bitcoin Trader works based on some high-end Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms. These computing technologies are used to train the trading robots to serve the users with an optimal service. It is programmed to look into the cryptocurrency markets and find the best trade signals. It then carries out the analysis based on a predefined strategy. The bots then find and buy cryptocurrencies at a meager price or find where they can sell at a high price. It is capable of doing all these in a matter of seconds.
Joining Bitcoin Trader means registering to be a user on the platform, and it involves 3 folds. The first step involves your details to be used for the account. These include your names, email, phone number, username, and a strong password to secure your account. Next, find the signup form, fill in all information in the right section, double-check your details, and click sign up. After this, you will receive a verification email or SMS prompting you to confirm your account. Simply do so to verify yourself as a user, and you will be automatically logged in. You can use the provided login details to gain subsequent access.
According to review and findings recently carried out, we discovered that Bitcoin Trader was created in 2017 and owned by Gary Roberts. Since its inception, many traders have used it to perform all their transactions in the crypto market. It was designed and configured to buy and sell bitcoins on behalf of its users. It requires minimal effort from its user while returning significant profits at the end of each successful trade.
Yes, it is possible. Improving and increasing your fund on the platform is the sole responsibility of Bitcoin Tracker, whereas keeping it in the account rest solely on your actions. Making some decisions can cause you to lose your money either to bad trades or to an unauthorized third party. You can lose your money if you do not follow the set guidelines and rules of trading in the cryptocurrency market. Avoid panic trading, emotional trading, unproven strategy, and entering too many trades at a time. Also, during your registration process, you should create a strong password that only you should know. Failure to keep it safe might give room to a cyberattack n your account. And this can result in loss of funds and theft of your data.
Yes, you can put your trust in Bitcoin Trader. Getting financially free is possible trading with it. Despite the volatilities of the crypto industry, Bitcoin Trader has a proven track record of success. It has one of the best profitability rates. And its speed of trade execution is second to none. You can trust it with the security of your data, capital, and profits. Bitcoin Trader also ensures its users enjoy swift payment and withdrawal transactions. And there has never been any incidence of inaccurate credit from withdrawals.
Using Bitcoin Trader is a seamless process. The first thing to do is get yourself an account by registering and verifying it. Then take your time to navigate the excellent user interface awaiting you. While doing that, make use of the practice mode section, that is, the demo section. Learn to trade at your pace until you are ready to start earning. And contact the support desk if you have any questions. Whenever you are ready, fund your account with at least the minimum deposit amount of $250. It only takes few minutes before the deposited fund appears on your account. As soon as your trading account gets credited, you can set up trading parameters for your trading robots and enjoy your earnings.
Bitcoin Trader allows you to sign up for a demo account. All traders are cautious of their money and would not like to lose it, especially to causes that you can avoid. And that is why Bitcoin Trader has made its demo section freely available and pre-funded with a non-withdrawable practice fund. It was designed in a way that almost perfectly appears as a live account. It helps users get in the trading mode. Bitcoin Trader hopes its users can practice, try new strategies, and even make constructive mistakes to gain more knowledge and experience with this tool. Opening a demo account follows the same procedures as with the live trading account. The only difference is that, with a live trading account, you trade with real money.

Only registered traders can log in to Bitcoin Trader since they will undoubtedly have the requisite details. Before accessing the platform for business, you must have registered as a trader on the Bitcoin Trader platform. During your registration, you would have created a login detail using a strong password in addition to the personal information submitted.

Navigate to the auto trading platform and enter your login details. If they are correct, you will gain immediate access to your account. However, if you have forgotten your password, you need to contact customer support and resolve the issue on time, as the case usually appears.

10 Tips For Automatic Trading 

1. Make good use of tools at your disposal

There is a powerful too Bitcoin Trader offers its user in support of their cryptocurrency trading journey. This powerful tool is the demo section. Use the demo section as much as you feel you should use it. Also, ensure you use it properly to fulfill its purpose of inclusion on the platform. Do not misuse the demo funds all in the name of trying out different methods. It is there to make you feel comfortable while making live trades.

2. Do not be over-ambitious

It feels good to have another source of income that is steady. However, many traders have blown their accounts due to over-ambition. Without giving all necessary details and complete thought, some users decide to enter a trade. They unreasonably set out to make money, seeing how easy it is to earn trading cryptocurrency. Do not let greed be your driving force while trading. It often results in significant losses.

3. Start small end great

Patience is a virtue, and it is a luxury many new traders do not care to afford. They only see the promised profitability and do not bother to go through it logically. Experts in the crypto and financial world warned never to start trading with a significant investment. Starting small was recommended. It is to minimize the loss in case one occurs.

4. Learn the basics first

Many traders attempt to enter the market without first understanding what they are trading. Before you get in and start studying a trading technique, you should take the time to grasp how the market works and have a strong understanding of all the rudimentary factors in operation.

5. Do not be overwhelmed

As a rookie trader, it is easy to become overwhelmed with information and trading tactics; experts have all been there. Finding a mentor, someone to learn from, and hitching a ride on your success is the unique approach to restrict or avoid this. You can learn many trading strategies from them.

6. Create and stick to a trading strategy

Switching trading tactics too frequently is one of the most common mistakes we see inexperienced traders make. Before going on to something else, if you are using a logical, rational trading technique, you should surely master and perfect it.
You are trading on hope and being illogical if you hop from method to method in search of the “Holy Grail” trading strategy, and you will lose money. Also, if you have lost a few transactions, do not change your plan. You cannot let a business loss get the best of you; trading necessitates a significant level of discipline.

7. You should avoid stress and emotions

Many traders begin trading in poor physical health. If you are sick or anxious at work, you should not perform any trade in the market. Similarly, you cannot finish fighting a friend and then take up your computer to trade. It is unwise. Try always to have a clear mind and healthy body because you need to be completely focused on trading.
You must avoid distractions as well. Trading in a distracting environment can be consequential. You will be liable to make wrong decisions. Trading is all about making money, and every trader wants to maximize their profits. As a result, you should concentrate solely on execution.

8. Make use of the customer service team

When trading, stay away from making assumptions about any unclarified information. The help provided by Bitcoin Trader should be your first point of contact, but research shows that many traders rarely use it until it is too late. Whether you are a rookie or a skilled trader, staying in touch with your support desk will go a long way in ensuring your trading objectives are achieved.

9. Keep yourself abreast of happenings in the market

This piece of trading advice is focused on the economic calendar and current market events. Any determined trader must be conversant with the economic calendar and financial world news. Any financial information, especially globally, always impacts the markets, regardless of its validity.

There are numerous resources on the internet that provide current and historical news. The precise time at which the information arrives is made public. Keep in mind that you can use these numbers to generate some trading strategies.’ Before engaging in any trading, it is highly recommended that you review the market situations. Because the market may experience significant fluctuations upon the release of new information

10. Do not position your stop loss too near to your profit target

This rule is a major one, and most traders do not realize it until they have lost a lot of money; you must position your stop loss a “safe” distance away from your entry price. If you place them too close together, your trading robot will stop your trade for loss because it will want to quickly cut your loss, not knowing if the market might be in your favor again.

In other words, your trading strategy may have been sound, but because you set your stop loss too low, you were unable to profit on the anticipated move.

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