BitQT was founded two years ago by brokers who saw the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector as a chance to establish trading software. With multiple programs already on the market, the developers decided to improve BitQT usability by milliseconds. This improvement enhances its performance, allowing users to operate more efficiently with related platforms.
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BitQT Review

If you want to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but lack the resources or expertise to beat the market regularly, BitQT can help. Everything is fully automated, so you are set to go when you meet the $250 minimum deposit requirement.


When deciding whether or not to invest in a crypto trading platform, one of the most important factors to consider is how well it works and the technicality. The primary need for dealing with this trading software is to determine if the robot can meet its claims.

Similarly, BitQT has a technical side that must be understood by anyone who trades with it. The inclusion of machine learning and artificial intelligence allows the platform to interact with the market, so it is remarkable intelligently.

It analyzes the local and global financial markets and their trends to understand profitable trades better. It provides real-time updates that are a millisecond faster, putting customers ahead of their trading competitors.

What is BitQT?

BitQT is a powerful robot that claims to assist regular traders in making a lot of money with bitcoin trading. It is a computer program that automatically functions with a higher success rate than humans.

According to professionals, this trading robot features a proprietary trading algorithm that makes it more predictable and produces consistent profits. The robot claims that its trading algorithms are 99% accurate.

Trading robots are more rational than humans and can better respond to market swings. The robot eliminates any human impedance, providing it with a self-contained trading environment. Clients must turn the auto trading button on whenever they use the platform to follow the account for the day.

BitQT premium robot trader said he makes about $100 daily profit on a $250 minimum investment. Does BitQT robot generate these claimed profits? Our review will give accurate details about the trading robot.

Is BitQT a scam or legit?

It is 100% legit and reliable. BitQT Program trading platform makes every attempt to keep its platform safe. It also complies with all legal requirements. BitQT Platform appears to be legal for Bitcoin traders. The robot has received rave reviews on the internet, with most reviewers claiming that it is dependable.

I ran a trial test on BitQT Platform and found it to be straightforward to use. Furthermore, this bot includes military-grade data security features and complies with the EU GDPR.

BitQT operates transparently, allowing users to track their accounts in real-time and file complaints using smart contracts. They have a sufficient number of withdrawal requests handled, and their users have received their money.

The debate over whether BitQT is legal or not has been settled. Making money with these auto-trading techniques is simple.

Do I need prior knowledge to trade with BitQT?

Building trading robots requires sophisticated algorithms, but interacting with humans is the easiest so far. Making BitQT robot trades for you does not require any knowledge or experience. The platform is friendly to users, so they will understand the whole structure within minutes and activate the robot. A click starts the robot. You only need to set your trading parameters.

However, it is meant for users of the platform. To access the robot, you need to sign up on their website and fill in your correct details to send it to the database. You can then log in to activate the robot.

What are automated trading systems, and how do they work?

Automated trading systems use technical analysis to examine tens of thousands of trading charts to find good patterns. It also conducts fundamental trade analysis by looking for tradable news on economic data.

This system uses AI methods, including Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to interpret human language. It can tell the difference between accurate volatility movement and fakeout. Expert traders seem to love this robot because of the speed at which it does research and executes transactions.

Automated trading systems improve with changing data using Machine Learning (ML), a subset of AI. This technology improvement implies that, despite shifting market conditions, it can reportedly retain its alleged profitability rate.

An example of an automated robot that works on this principle is BitQT. BitQT has a unique trading robot that employs a complex algorithm and innovative research technology to find the most acceptable cryptocurrency trades. Hundreds of these deals make it challenging for manual crypto traders to choose the best coin to trade.

For this reason, an automatic system is preferable because it has been upgraded with new trading technology.

This platform trading robot is activated with a click and then analyses the cryptocurrency market for the best deals secured with funds deposited in the user BitQT accounts. It is a straightforward procedure that is very similar to buying and selling equities on the stock exchange.

The trick is that BitQT trading robot has been modified to quickly find and complete the best trades that result in a significant profit.

Key Features of BitQT:

Auto Trade Feature

The Auto Trade Feature is a unique feature that allows you to trade the market without checking the system. Its goal is to make trading enjoyable and straightforward for members. It is suitable for all trading styles.

We observe that the developer added this tool to assist traders who find it difficult to make regular profits. This powerful feature is critical in the lives of all traders since it enables them to overcome trading constraints while ensuring daily high returns on investment.

This feature allows new traders to earn money every day while still learning more about the bitcoin markets. Traders with hectic schedules make use of this fantastic tool to assess, scan, and execute trades on their behalf. They can profit passively regularly without disrupting their everyday routine.


Because the payout method is transparent, it is easy for users to calculate payouts once a live trading session ends. The system automatically calculates the earnings and deposits the final amount into the user’s BitQT account, from which they can withdraw it.

After each trading session, the computation is performed to see how much profit they made. We can ascertain how the trading robot calculates the payments quickly, but the precision is impressive.

Verification System

In a partnership business, verification is a critical step. It should be straightforward and follow the correct procedure. Companies that have a long list of strategies to follow are more likely to lose their customers.

BitQT verification process asks for personal information like your name, email, and similar info. If your withdrawals are large, you may be asked for more details. This information is always a scanned copy of a government-issued document that verifies your identity and address to ensure that it matches the information you provided during registration.

Withdrawals and Deposits

The platform allows you to deposit or withdraw your funds. To make a deposit, the user simply needs to choose one of the online payment solutions listed on the website. The company processes both deposits and withdrawals quickly to allow registered members to participate in trading.

Visa, PayPal, Netteller, MasterCard, and other financial institutions are included in the payment option. Because there are BitQT investors in over 100 countries, which is impressive, any of these customers can locate the most suitable online payment methods in their country.


BitQT platform has announced that their trading bot and all other transactions will be free of charge. Because the underlying software is still in Beta mode, the developers said the robot would be available for free for at least the next two years. Following that, BitQT is expected to collect a license fee, which could be levied monthly.

When BitQT robot sets orders at your associated broker, you should understand that a certain amount of money is charged as trading commissions. It is typical practice in financial organizations with a broker.

BitQT vs Others 

Simple & easy navigation interface
96% success rate
Quick sign-up process
$250 minimum deposit
Good customer support
Transparent transactions
Flexible trading parameters
All features are free to use

How Much Money Can I Make with BitQT?

BitQT has the potential to give daily incomes of up to $5000. Profitability in trading cryptocurrencies lies significantly on experience and trading attitude. You can earn up to 60% of your capital every day.

You can earn huge profits using BitQT robot, but we can not specify the exact amount you can make. It is because several factors determine the profitability of trades. These factors include market volatility, broker spreads, the volume of transactions available, market condition, release of economic news, and risk management. Depending on your trading style, you can earn big profits every day.

Is BitQT Right for You?

BitQt is right for everyone who wants to make money. The trading will help traders place more accurate and profitable trades. It will help to reduce the possibility of blowing up an account. It will just fit into every trader style.

Crypto robot trading is a lot more efficient because it monitors crypto market trading circumstances 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is impossible to do by a human in the long run.

The trading robot’s lightning-fast speed combined with high levels of accuracy is something manual trading cannot match.

The precision of trading insights is not affected by humans. They follow good management practices.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Many traders use bitcoin robots in trading because they have seen how profitable it is for high returns and proper time management. You cannot help but invest in bitcoin robots for the following reasons:

A high percentage of wins

While not all users claimed a 97% victory rate, several said it was closer to 90%. However, the win rate did not drop below 80%. This claim is valid if you let the robot do its job. You must allow the robot to control all actions within your established restrictions because it is automatic.


Beginners will find the platform easy to use, while seasoned traders will find it valuable. Expert traders can use it to test their tactics.

The website offers almost everything for free

The service is practically free to use because BitQT only keeps 1% of the winnings. Account registration, maintenance, withdrawal fees, and transaction costs are all free of charge. The company does not have to eat all your profits by charging you, even when it is a guarantee that you will make your money back.

Acquire useful knowledge

It is one of the reasons why the bitcoin bot has received such positive feedback. They expressed their satisfaction with what they had learned. If you want to try out and attempt different services or types of trade, learning more about crypto trading might be advantageous. This platform is built to take care of those tedious tasks. It is, however, intended to teach you about its method over time. The demo mode is also helpful for getting a feel of the platform before investing real money.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Robots

With the use of trading bots, there is a potential for losses. Risk factors exist and cannot be avoided. If they turn out not to be in your favor, you may lose more than you expected. Be sure to understand the risks and potential losses. Also, keep in mind that an average win rate does not mean that you will always win that amount. For example, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to win nine out of 10 times. The trades picked by these trading robots are profitable most of the time, but that does not mean they do not acquire losses. So registered users should understand the risks involved in every trade decision and know how to mitigate losses to avoid capital liquidation.

So why invest in bitcoin through BitQT

Easy to use platform

The traditional investing method entails obtaining a crypto wallet and purchasing the asset of choice straight from an exchange. This procedure is not only time-consuming but also tricky and dangerous. The entire purchasing process is too much of a nuisance for most traders.

BitQT Platform makes it simple to invest in cryptocurrency. All you have to do is register on the robot website and follow the basic instructions provided. BitQT Platform handles all of your purchasing and selling for you. USD, GBP, AUD, and EUR are the trading currencies.

Low Risk and High Profitability Potential

BitQT Platform has a more significant profit potential than manually purchasing cryptocurrency. Trading strategies that take advantage of both the rise and fall in assets help increase the return on investment.

Short-selling is a method used by BitQT Platform to profit from falling cryptocurrency values. The robot exchanges crypto for crypto and fiat currencies for fiat currencies.

The leverage given by BitQT Platform partner brokers is another factor that boosts profitability. Leverage is a type of borrowing that enables traders to trade positions that are larger than their initial investment. BitQT partner brokers offer up to 5000:1 leverage.

It means that for every $1 of invested cash, dealers can trade positions valued up to $5,000. It is worth noting that the bigger the leverage, the higher the possible gains and losses.

High level of safety

Buying and storing bitcoin and other cryptos in the traditional way are insecure over time. Many crypto exchanges have been hacked, and crypto holdings have been stolen in the past.

Investing in crypto with BitQT Platform reduces the danger of hacking because it does not require physical possession of the cryptocurrency. Clients can also only withdraw money using a verified method. The website incorporates a sound security system to protect the database.

How To Start Trading 


Bitcoin Code account registration process is easy. You are required to enter your information, including your name, e-mail address, and password. The next step is to verify your e-mail address and phone number using the messages sent to your mail and number. Once you have completed this step and you are validated, you can now trade using the platform.

Demo Account

The demo account option allows novice and experienced traders to become acquainted with the trading platform's essential features without risking real money. It will also enable traders to back-test their technique multiple times before implementing it on a live account. Although the demo is a replicant of the actual trading platform, the learner should take it seriously.


To begin trading, Bitcoin Code requires a minimum deposit of $250. Considering the flexibility the platform offers, you can deposit in numerous ways. Bitcoin Code offers various payment gateway solutions, including MasterCard, PayPal, credit card, and others. Bitcoin Code values their customers, and they work tirelessly to continually improve their offering to improve customer relations with the platform. Note that the minimum deposit gives the auto trading robot more room to enter and earn traders more profit. There will be no charge for the deposits made except for your local bank transaction fee charged at the standard rate. Upon payment, the deposited value will reflect in your Bitcoin Evolution account within a few minutes to indicate the transaction was successful and you are ready to start trading.

Live Account

Now is the time to begin actual trading. Now that you have familiarized yourself with the trading environment while trying out the system with a demo account let us make some money. At a click of a button, the auto trading robot can trade on your behalf by performing complex analysis on the market to identify the most profitable entry without any information from you. The auto trading system should allow manually setting your trading parameters while the robot trade for you being a professional trader.

10 Tips For Automatic Trading 

1. Learn more about cryptocurrencies and how to trade them

Understanding the basics of trading requires time, patience, and a lot of work. You will need to understand specific terms, patterns, and zones in the market and the best ones to react to this position. Although you might grow your money using bitcoin robots, learning about cryptocurrencies should not stop you.

2. Start with a bit of money

New traders are given the wrong information about cryptocurrencies. There is potential to make huge profits, but you can lose all the money if you are not careful. New traders are advised to start with little money and ensure that they consistently make a profit. He should not consider how much he will make but rather consider if his investment portfolio has increased in size. As he grows confident, he can gradually increase his capital.

3. Withdraw your profit gradually

It is an excellent decision to withdraw and save your profit while investing the remaining money until you start the value of your capital back. It is a conservative approach to new traders who want to make a passive income daily. This method helps protect your money.

4. Do not be overly eager to make trades

Different sessions in the market cause an increase in volatility. Please do not rush into placing trades. It will destroy your capital.
Even though many big players are in the bitcoin market, it is not worth taking deals prematurely. Take some time to think about your trade plan decisions and confluences before jumping into the pool. New traders fall into this category.

5. Trading consistently

Consistent trading and hard work are the keys to becoming a profitable trader. Markets are open at any time of the day. Try to take a bitcoin pair and study it, look at their reaction, trade based on the information you use on the market. The more effort you put into learning, the better you become.

6. Look into market trends

Users can do historical chart research on their demo trade to understand future movement, and BitQT will be eager to provide you chart services. You can take your time to see where sellers and buyers are in the market. Get yourself familiar with the trend and the market. The more you learn about the market, the more you will improve your spotting patterns and trends.

7. Maintaining discipline

Trading robots, such as bitQT, have a high success rate since they cannot feel emotions. Crypto educators make an effort to teach the psychology of trading to their students. It is due to the emotionally draining nature of the trading environment, leading to traders making rash trading judgments. Traders must understand how to control their emotions if they want to be successful in trading.

8. Trust your strategy

Market volatility will deviate you from your strategy. For example, the trades that give you profits every day can run into several losses. The market makers are targeting you to make modifications to your strategy, making it effective. The more you believe in your approach, the more you are better at it.

9. Talk to Experts

If you check online, there are many forums and communities where cryptocurrencies and their analysis are discussed. Make friends with the top communicators in those forums. They may have information that they are willing to share with you. This method assists you in broadening your knowledge of the market itself.

10. Make decisions based on chart analysis

Decision-making is another attribute you must have if you want to be successful as a trader. Learn to make decisions based on your analysis. Trust what you see on the chart, do not let emotion keep you in doubt. You can never tell if a trade is going to be profitable. A good attitude and the right mind could make you a strong force in the cryptocurrency markets.


No, BitQT is an authentic cryptocurrency bot.

First and foremost, the company has been in operation for well over a year. Most scam websites do not last long. Users reports show it delivers a high-profit return and a good win percentage close to its promise. Because it made a profit, the results backed up the assertions that the bot could scan, sort, and strategize. It would not have such a high win rate if it lacked those features. Keep in mind that an intelligent human trader may win roughly 70% of the time. The rate is lower for new traders or those with less experience. It is a strong endorsement of BitQT, which has a high average success rate.

No, BitQT trading robot is not fake.

It is now the fastest-growing cryptocurrency. It is also one of the most divisive. The market capitalization has risen by about 300%, while the price has been increased by nearly 400%. The trading robots have logged a large number of profitable trades. It is a platform we have evaluated and found no flaws in its operation. Many people have wondered if this is a fraud because of the fast surge in value and popularity. The answer is No.

When working with money, the first consideration is always security. It determines how long a company will remain in business.

BitQT premium uses a military-grade data protection system, SiteLock, which provides 128-bit key encryption and database protection. BitQT complies with the EU strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Hackers and fraudsters will find it difficult to steal from the organization because of its data security system. Members should feel secure in the knowledge that their information is safe with the company.

BitQT uses a unique trading robot with a complex algorithm and intelligent technology to find the most excellent offers on the crypto market. Hundreds of these currency pairs make it difficult for manual cryptocurrency traders to determine the best ones.

An automated trading system that has been strengthened with superior trading technology for efficiency.

You can engage the platform trading robot with a single click, and once active, it scans the cryptocurrency market for the best deals, which are traded and secured with customer funds.

To join BitQT, you will need to sign up on their official homepage. There is a prepared form on the homepage where you fill in a small detail about yourself, like your phone number, name, country, etc. It only takes a few minutes. Fill in the correct information to ensure that profits follow the right path.

There are two means of verification: Firstly, you get verified by clicking on the verification link sent to your email: and you get verified by receiving a call from a broker representative associated with BitQT. After completing the verification, you will gain access to your dashboard. You can either make a deposit and let the robot start earning passive income for you or try your skills using the manual trading feature of the platform If you are a consistently profitable trader. New traders can also use the demo trade feature to sharpen their trading skills.

There is no information about the owner of BitQT. Rumor has it that a group of traders software engineers predicted the rise in asset value of bitcoin and some significant cryptocurrencies. They sat down to put their skills to work by creating a robust and profitable robot that could capitalize on the volatility of bitcoin and generate a profit in return.

I have been more focused on the potential returns BitQT offers its users. The truth is that every financial investment comes with a risk. The risk is directly proportional to investment. The higher the amount invested, the bigger the risk on the table. There is a high tendency that users will lose their money if the trading parameters set are not backed by good money and risk management.

However, BitQT has a standard trading parameter but is flexible so that users can adjust it to fix their trading style. The default parameters of the bot ensure that capital is safe if the market moves in a negative direction while maximizing profits if it moves in a positive direction.

Yes, the platform is very reliable. A dubious robot will only be available for a few weeks or months but can survive for a year. The auto trading system partnered with regulated brokers to assist you in buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It shows that website is being regulated.

Our review based on BitQT trading robot users shows that the trading robot’s success has been mainly due to actions and not some paid reviews. The dashboard is transparent so that you can see every financial transaction platforming on your account. There was no adverse comment on their way of doing business.

To get started, fill out the form at the top right corner of their homepage. The registration form requires you to put in your first name, last name, email, and phone number. You will receive a message via the email submitted on the signup page for you to confirm. After confirmation, the system redirects you back to the website to create a secure password that you will use to log in to your dashboard. After making a deposit, you can use many features to improve your trading skills or earn real money by activating a robot to trade for you.

Yes, you can sign up for a demo account with BitQt. It takes just a few minutes of your time to open BitQT account. It is effortless and straightforward. The homepage has prepared a registration form to input the necessary details like your first name, last name, phone number, and email address.

The system will send an auto-generated email containing a verifying link to verify your email. You will be brought back to a page where you input a secure password to access various features. At a later hour, an associated broker representative of BitQT will give you a call to engage you.

There is a demo trade feature on your dashboard where your account will be credited with virtual money and will allow you to test various strategies until you have a trading strategy that fits your trading style.

It would be best to have an account to log into your BitQT account, and only a registered member can be granted a pass. If you have not signed up, registration is done fast when you provide a little information about yourself at the top right side of the homepage. You will be provided a password when you follow the procedure after registering. After logging into your account, you will see numerous features you can explore.

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