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Immediate Edge App Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Trading cryptocurrency is not an easy feat, which is why you need a legit automated trading bot like Immediate Edge. Immediate Edge might give other trading bots a run for their money. The software is in partnership with other regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers. So before the software initiates an automated trade, it sends a signal to these platforms, making it safe for trading. One notable con of this bot is that it is only present as a web application and not a phone application. With any browser and a stable internet connection, you have access to the platform anytime and anywhere.

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Our Opinion
Based on experience, we found Immediate Edge to be legit, and it is not a scam! Its features are outstanding but not risk-free. All trading systems have at least some degree of risk, better to stay informed than ignorant. Start trading with Immediate Edge today and break free financially!
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The trading bot doesn’t do all the work. You have to set up the parameters and leave the bot to earn by trading on your behalf. The platform has a user-friendly interface. Although you can try demo trading to test your trading skills and how well you can use the platform. People’s opinion of the trading bot being a scam is because they have experienced the fake sites posing as the bot’s official webpage without knowing it is a con. To prevent this, we’ve provided you with a sign-up form. With this form, you can easily access the real website.

Do you want to know about Immediate Edge and if it is as good as it claims to be or just another tricky trading platform? You must be indecisive about whether or not to believe. Now you can make your choice because we have taken care of everything. We have reviewed Immediate Edge thoroughly as an auto trading website, and based on our in-depth findings; we will assist you in making the best decision possible.

Nowadays, there is a lot of fake software available. And discerning the real stuff from the fake by inspection has been made harder. However, we evaluate the authenticity of this trading software based on our online research. Immediate Edge does its market research and executes trades using cutting-edge technology. And it is not necessary to have any technical skills to utilize this program. It reportedly claims to have a very high success and profitability rate.

For this reason, this review will provide you with additional information about this fully automated cryptocurrency trading platform, Immediate Edge. So, if you are interested in learning everything there is to know about Immediate Edge, keep reading and start trading safely.


What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a recent all-in-one auto trading software designed so that trading appears to be practically effortless. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other computing technologies, have made this possible. These technologies are the building blocks of trading robots to automatically learn from the market, do correct analysis, and enter trades on the user’s behalf. Furthermore, the platform features a brand-new, state-of-the-art user interface suitable for both novice and experienced traders. It has good trading tactics with a high win rate and can display complex trading data understandably.

Main Features 

🤖 Type of Robot Bitcoin, CFDs
💰 Software Cost Free
💹 Withdrawal Fee No Fees
💻 Type of platform Web-based
🚀 Min Deposit 250$
💳 Deposit Options Multiple Options
🌎 Countries All – Except Some
🎮 Demo Account Yes

Is Immediate Edge a scam or legit?

Immediate Edge is an auto trading robot that promises to make you money online by buying and selling cryptocurrencies on your behalf at various prices. Immediate Edge program is said to have a win percentage of up to 98.9%. It is simple to use and compatible with many devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, Android phones, and iPads. Immediate Edge Bot scans the bitcoin market to find the best trade opportunities for you. Although commonly recognized as the best platform for beginners in trading due to its low risk and high return trading tactics, many individuals consider it a scam. All you have to do to use Immediate Edge is turn it on. You only need to spend about 20 minutes a day trading with the bot to start earning money. There is no need to give up your day job or stay up late to perform market trade with a bot. Even if you are busy with other things, you can still manage it.

Do I need prior knowledge to trade with Immediate Edge?

It is for anybody from all works of life. Even if you have no prior trading experience, you can use Immediate Edge! The system operates so that any user can understand it and use it without any technical assistance. If you are a novice, it can take longer to get things set up the way you want them can take longer.

However, if you use the platform more frequently, you will become more comfortable with the settings, making it easier to set everything up each time. You can still utilize the trading platform to save time on your trades if you are an expert user.

What are automated trading systems, and how do they work?

Automated trading systems are trading software specifically made to perform unlimited trade on behalf of its user. If you have ever been trading manually before, you will appreciate what these systems have to offer. It makes all the trading procedures that are otherwise tedious and susceptible to error very simple. Many have been making a lot of money since the emergence of these systems in the cryptocurrency trading industries. It is no surprise that many are signing up on these platforms because the recorded success rates have not shown any signs of reducing. So, how does this incredible software works?

An automated trading system evaluates a range of market signals, trading charts, statistics, and pattern recognition techniques to anticipate profitable trades. It then uses this information to trade on your behalf, all without you having to do anything. You only have to log into your account, pick your preferred trading method, and then watch the funds flow into your account. And that is it. Simple, right?

Key Features of Immediate Edge:

Auto Trade Feature

Immediate Edge comes with many exciting features that accompany it and makes it an excellent choice for traders. There is no other auto-trading option like this one, and it has proved to help traders significantly increase their profits. We also found that this feature allows traders to perform transactions twice as fast as the normal manual trading processes. It serves to make it possible for Immediate Edge to find and finish the best trading deals for the users.


Payout is one of the processes users love most. Having successful trades leads to the payout stage. Once you are ready to withdraw, The system initiates the payout system process after the trading session. It takes 24 hours to complete the withdrawal request. During these 24 hours, Immediate Edge processes your request and then converts your online fund to your registered country currency. Lastly, the system only pays to the local bank account you supplied.

Verification System

There are no tedious and complicated verification processes when opening an account with Immediate Edge. The developer understands that it tends to put people off. So, all that is requested are few details even when you want to make a deposit. It only asks for your card details and a few more personal information. It will not bore you with any questions or ask for further information like bank statements or IDs.

Withdrawals and Deposits

As soon as you make profits, you can withdraw it by simply filling a form from the customer service page. Then you wait for the system to process your fund within just one day. Immediate Edge takes pride in its ability to provide for its many users, located in various parts of the globe when it comes to deposits. Understandably, the standard payment method may not be available in some of these countries. As such, there is a host of available payment options. Spoiler alert! Edge survival depends on your profits. So, if you do not have access to funding your account to trade and make profits, it also gets nothing in return. Also, note that there are no charges for both processes except those administered by your local bank.


Many auto trading platforms get money from traders using various dubious means. Some can request a sign-up fee, account maintenance fee, withdrawal fee, and fee to access some extra features. However, our findings confirmed that Immediate Edge does not request any awkward payment. It is free to use by traders right from registration to withdrawal. The only fee you pay is the very little commission on your profit for further improvement of the system technology.

Immediate Edge Advantages 

Executes trades using cutting-edge technology
Unnecessary to have technical skills
All-in-one auto trading software
Trading with a high win rate
Displays complex trading data understandably
A win percentage of 98.9%
Compatible with many computing devices
Chooses best trade opportunities available

How Much Money Can I Make with Immediate Edge?

There is a promise of making up to $1500 daily with a more than 98.9% success rate. But some people believe this sounds far-fetched because, on the other hand, even an experienced trader may struggle to achieve this high winning rate. So, it will be relatively complex for a newbie to make this when just starting. However, being far-fetched does not necessarily mean it is impossible.

An essential factor that guarantees earn up to this amount is the amount deposited. Depositing more money increases your earning potential. Other factors are current cryptocurrency market conditions, your trading systems’ leverage, and the risk level that it trades. If all these conditions are satisfied, making even more than $1500 per day is possible.

Is Immediate Edge Right for Me?

Immediate Edge automatic trading system is right for everyone who wants to make money and increase their income ratio. My in-depth study and reviews have taught me that Immediate Edge trading platform operates with traders of all levels in mind. It is straightforward, so Immediate Edge is built for you whether you are a beginner trader just getting started or an experienced trader.

Because it is entirely online and automated, it is a fantastic alternative for traders who need a reliable trading system. So, it is right for you if you want to make more money while working or you do not even have a job.

Why are Bitcoin Robots Profitable?

Speedy operation and high efficiency

Bitcoin trading robots make the trades for you more swiftly than you can imagine yourself doing. Having some of the most experienced and skilled traders working for you cannot outperform trading robots in terms of their speed of analysis and the efficiency of their operations.

To have a Bitcoin trading bot consistently perform trades, you will need to code the bot effectively. Making profits in the cryptocurrency world deals with the speed of utilizing opportunities just like any other business. Additionally, trading bots can increase your efficiency and profits by providing automated assistance.

Trading without emotional attachment

The human mind is feeble and susceptible to influence by instantaneous conditions. Letting this emotion take over can result in costly mistakes, which can potentially end your trading endeavors. You can only enjoy trading bitcoin without emotional attachment. Some traders, primarily because of their emotions, decide whether or not to buy or sell bitcoin. In turn, losses will occur. Bitcoin trading bots employ market data, and as a result, removing the need for emotions. Trading bots rid traders of emotions such as greed and fear of missing out on a signal.

Possible Risks when Trading with Bitcoin Robots


Even if you have automated your transaction, you should continue to check in on it regularly. You know that all transactions are dependent on factors such as internet connectivity and the optimal operation of servers. However, there are times when they get unavoidably affected. There may be occurrences of power and internet outages. Additionally, the volatility of the market is another thing. It makes the market irrational and uncomprehending. All these factors can effectively make you run the risk of incurring a loss.

Autonomy gets reduced

When you employ an automated trading system, you effectively sacrifice your ability to call the shot, that is, your ability to make trading decisions independently. Controlling when to enter or leave a trade based on current happenings in the market becomes impossible until the transaction gets midway. Therefore, you must make sure the initial analysis you made is highly effective.

So why invest in bitcoin through Immediate Edge?

Easy to use platform

From registration through live trading, the platform is simple to use. Yes, it is a known fact that prospective users always back out whenever a platform seems complicated. However, Immediate Edge incorporates a user-friendly interface and adaptive structure to suit anyone new to cryptocurrency trading. You can even contact customer support any time of the day whenever you are in a tight spot or you need specific clarification. The guarantee of engaging it with relative ease and familiarity will improve your confidence and experience level, which adds to your chances of making successful trades.

Low Risk and High Profitability Potential

There is no denying that risks characterize the bitcoin industry to some degree. It is highly volatile, and predicting market patterns is next to impossible. Because they make too many mistakes, manual traders lose money compared to investors who use automated trading platforms. With the right trading platform like Immediate Edge, you are sure to have minimal risk involved in your dealings. The probabilities of making a mistake and losing money are very low with Immediate Edge’s services. The trading robots operate to trade more quickly, and the system only selects profitable transactions for the user. The most unusual approach to gain money from the bitcoin market is to use these innovative technologies. Thanks to Immediate Edge, traders now have a chance to make high profits from the volatile crypto market constantly.

High level of safety

Advancement in technology brought with it different security challenges. The cryptocurrency world is inclusive. And this is why some people often feel uptight when it comes to trading bitcoins. There have been reported cases of hacked trading accounts where users lose their money. To avoid instances like this and expose your data to unauthorized third parties, Immediate Edge implemented a high level of security in place. It uses multi-layer data encryption and user authentication to safeguard your account against increasingly common cyber attacks actively.

How To Start Trading 


Deciding to register is a logical move on your path to financial buoyancy. And doing just that requires a few details and time from you. First, you must have necessary information like your name, email, phone number, preferred username, and a strong password to secure your account. Once you have all these written down and ready to use, then you are good to go. Reviewing Immediate Edge showed that its account opening or registration process is totally free, visibly fast, and transparent. Initiate by entering your details in the appropriate sections in the sign-up. You will then get a confirmation email from Immediate Edge. Click the link sent, and the system will sign you in automatically to conclude the whole process. Everything lasts a few minutes.

Demo Account

Every new user, especially the inexperienced traders, has a high probability of blowing their accounts. It is why Immediate Edge made a provision for a feature that guides against this occurrence. The system feature incorporated to prevent blowing of your trading account is the Demo mode. In this mode, you will be able to make practice trades, try out different trading strategies and get to know how the software works to some extent. The Demo platform of this trading system is very realistic because it also contains all features accessible to you while in the live trading mode. So, you can quickly get used to executing and closing trades with Immediate Edge, trying new strategies and ideas without having to risk your principal capital. Using this mode repeatedly gives you an experience to move on to the live trading when ready.


This step is the intermediary between you trading in the Demo mode and going live with your funds. As a new user, we advise working with the ideology of “less is more." And that is the reason Immediate Edge has a minimum deposit of $250. You can deposit more, but it is preferable to follow expert's opinions. Navigate to the deposit page of your account and select the payment option of your choice. There is a catalog of options to pick from to avoid the geographical barrier, if any. Next, please enter your bank details to facilitate the automatic deduction from it. The fund will reflect on your Immediate Edge account balance, and you will have instant access to the live trading mode

Live Account

You should be familiar with the platform after countlessly utilizing the demo features. Also, unless you are ready to trade with real money, we recommend sticking with the demo account. It is because trading carries the risk of losing money. When you begin trading for real, you will notice how Immediate Edge truly takes over your deals and outperforms the competition. You may give the automated trading option a shot to see if it helps you achieve your financial goals or use the manual trading mode to get more involved. Continue learning and doing research even though you are winning because it is vital to remain a successful trader. You do not want to lose your funds because you lack some information.


No, this is not a con. Immediate Edge is not a scheme out to rob you of your money. Its operations have always posted excellent results that often look too real to be true. It is natural for new traders to be skeptical initially, but we can assure you it is not. A similar scenario is nothing you have not heard. However, it would be best if you always traded responsibly, following the correct rules of the market. Do not be like some newbies that attribute blowing their accounts on auto trading platforms.
Immediate Edge does, in fact, work, as we can attest. The reports we got from its many users showed that the auto trading platform works perfectly. In addition, we discovered that the trading platform has one of the most unique and most complex software systems. That is why Immediate Edge has such a large following of traders that refuse to give up. They are raking it in day after day. We studied the reviews and realized that Immediate Edge users are making several thousand dollars every day. For some folks, that is four months’ salary. Now you see why we felt compelled to inform you about the advantages of trading with Immediate Edge. It will assist you in realizing your goal of financial independence and possessing the purchasing power you so wished.
Immediate Edge ensures a high level of security by employing data encryption, layers of security procedures, and user authentication. It means that all of your personal information is safe from cyberattacks, which are growing more common on all cryptocurrency trading platforms. During our review, Immediate Edge proved to be relatively safe in many circumstances. One of these is its international regulatory credentials. Another is how users’ data, check identity, and emails are constantly secured.
The functioning procedure of Immediate Edge mirrors that of excellent automated trading systems. During our evaluation of Immediate Edge, we discovered that the speed with which it completes crypto transactions and deals is remarkable. Interestingly, many users happily confirmed completing their trades in under a minute thus, prompting the question, how does it work? The trading robots at Immediate Edge scan the market for the best cryptocurrency prices to sell or buy. These trading bots allow the system to acquire cryptocurrency at a low price and sell it at a high price whenever there is excellent trade. Additionally, Immediate Edge boasts that its algorithms are ten times faster than human trading, therefore providing the icing on the cake for those who trust it. The system incorporates great computing resources such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing. These technologies made it possible for the robots to learn from data patterns and enhance themselves with the help of machine learning technologies.

This form will ask for your name, email address, and mobile phone number. As soon as the system processes your details, a modal will appear to let you know the system forwarded your details to the right broker. You will be redirected to another page if it is successful. After completing the previous step, The system informs you that an agent from Immediate Edge will verify your phone number through a call within a few minutes. The call will only take a few minutes, after which you will be able to set up your account. After the phone call verification, you may finish creating your account by setting a strong password to log in and fill in other personal information.

This question has always been open to debate. Some people say the owner of Immediate Edge is anonymous, just like for Bitcoin and some other notable auto trading systems. However, many others say Edwin James is the founder of Immediate Edge. Speculation has it that he is a software engineer who made a fortune manually trading crypto binary options and forex. And that Immediate Edge was born out of his ambition to earn more money via technology.
However great a system might be, there will always be some hole in its structure. The most notable gap in any auto trading system is the human factor. Like every other platform, the immediate Edge auto trading system does not guarantee “no loss” due to reasons beyond the capability of the bots. The human factor plays a significant role, which is why experts recommend trading with money that you cannot afford to lose. Trading at higher risk can quickly lead to losses. It is wise to change the risk settings as instructed by the auto trading systems developers. Also, it would be best to stay away from trading whenever you are in whole drive emotion, that is, avoid trading when you are afraid, angry, too excited, and doubtful of your decision. Failure to do so can cause irreparable loss.

Yes, you can trust Immediate Edge. With so many new trading platforms joining the market, it is understandable that you want to find out if Immediate Edge is trustworthy. Many reviews have shown that you can indeed trust it with your fund and data. Avoiding unregistered and unsecured systems is vital in the online world, which is why Immediate Edge is registered. It operates with a secure online system that has the latest encryption technology. And it is with this technology that it keeps your data and money safe.

Immediate Edge provides traders with a user-friendly dashboard that works well on a computer or laptop browser. It also works on mobile devices, but it is not optimized for usage on smaller screens. The trading history tab allows each trader to view their open or active trades. You can also establish specifications for each bitcoin asset traded by the robot, such as a daily limit and a stop limit. The dashboard also provides access to the whole history of profits and losses throughout time. You can use the Demo trading option to familiarize yourself with the robot’s dashboard. On the other hand, Demo trading is dependent on the broker with whom you are connected on Immediate Edge. You have very little to do when you go live with your account. You have to set all the necessary trading parameters and then watch your trading robots perform their intended function.

It is natural to feel the urge to start earning quickly, but if you jump into the live account, there is a high probability of you losing your fund. Luckily at Immediate Edge, investors have an option to experiment with demo trading features before in-depth exploration. It is a free trading tool used to review, study, and understand how live trading in Immediate Edge works. Investors should give it a try.

You can only be allowed to log in after you have fulfilled the registration and verification conditions for your account. You will need some of your registration information for subsequent logins, such as your username and password. When you first log in to your account, you will be required to fund your account with an initial deposit of $250. Many people believe this is a price levied by Immediate Edge. However, this is not the case. The money you deposit is what you will need to start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You will have unrestricted access to historical prices charts for trading pairs on Immediate Edge as a member. Additionally, you will also have access to news feeds from various sources about cryptocurrency market movements, technical analysis, and guidance on drawing trendlines on price graphs, among other things. For traders who are just getting started with bitcoin, the Immediate Edge platform’s demo account function will help you acquire some practice before trading with your real account.

10 Tips For Automatic Trading 

1. Make use of the features available in the Demo Section

Use Immediate Edge demo mode first before investing any of your money. If you are new to trading, practice extensively in this model. Also, if you are an expert trader, you should always test your new strategies in the demo mode. So, do not start trading until you are comfortable with its features.

2. Make a Small Investment at the Outset

It is always best to start with little investment and work your way up when using trading platforms. The most important thing to remember when investing is to start small and steadily expand your profits and portfolio over time, regardless of how much risk the platform eliminated or how confident you are.

3. Be ready to lose money

The fundamental assumption of trading is to accept losses as well as gains, and this is critical. You should invest as little as possible if you do not want to suffer through your failures. Being financially responsible is crucial when dealing with volatile currencies. So, we advise that both new and seasoned users only trade with what they can feasibly afford to lose.

4. Before using a trading robot, please educate yourself about it

Before using any bitcoin trading robot, make sure you understand the fundamentals if you are a newbie. If you are an expert, you can use it to fine-tune your trading technique, but just because it is automated does not mean you should entirely rely on it without knowing few things about it.

5. Regularly check the market for changes

This regular check is crucial if you are using Immediate Edge manual trading option. Always stay updated about the movement in the trading market. Check and note changes to your preferred coin’s behavior. Also, be on the lookout for any news that can potentially influence the market and adjust your trading plans as appropriate.

6. Knowledge is Power

Everyone is prone to make mistakes, but if you can regularly update yourself with the needed knowledge about the trading ecosystem, then you should be able to weather any storm that might come your way. Having in-depth knowledge about the nitty-gritty of successfully trading cryptocurrency can boundlessly improve your profitability using Immediate Edge.

7. Avoid negative cash flow

Wanting to make more profit is not a bad idea. However, wrongly going about the process is unacceptable. When you trade with Immediate Edge and make profits, please do not make the mistake of leaving your profit with the capital hoping to compound it. The cryptosystem is highly volatile, and the market can take another turn at any instance. So, it is wise always to withdraw your profits to guide against unwanted total loss.

8. Trade with the right frame of mind

Every action of all humans depends on their state of mind. When you are not in the right psychological frame of mind, trading will effectively mean increasing the risk level associated with the trade. Fear, over-excitement, and overconfidence are emotions that can effectively cause a trader to make the wrong decision. To continue winning, you need to trade with a clear head.

9. Use your tested and trusted method always

The cryptocurrency market is fundamentally an input-output system. If you input the wrong tactic, you are sure to lose some, if not all, of your capital. However, using the right strategy ensures you have your profit at the end of the day. Always use a repeatedly tested fail-proof system whenever you are trading. Newbies seek expert advice from seasoned traders.

10. Make the customer support your friend

The first point of contact to any trader is the support offered by the trading platform, but findings showed that many traders seldomly make use of it until it is late or too late. To have an excellent trading experience as a novice or an expert, you should regularly be in touch with your help desk. Avoid making assumptions about any unclear detail when trading.

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By sending the form, you agree with the site’s Terms and Privacy Policy. All trading carries risk!

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