Darcrus Project: Enterprise, Everywhere

The first implementation for blockchain technology was Bitcoin, a peer to peer payment system that allows users to transfer money from one point to another without any central authority involved. It turns out, however, that blockchains can be used for multiple industries, not just finance. Its immutability and decentralized structure allow companies to improve their business models in many ways. However, transitioning into a blockchain-based structure can be challenging.That’s why, Steven Grove, the founder of Sigwo Technologies has recently announced a crowdfunding campaign for Darcrus project, a startup that will provide software and consultancy services to companies looking to plug onto blockchain technology.

The crowdfunding campaign will allow users to acquire Darcrus tokens (DAR) a cryptographic asset that will allow its holders to receive rewards via distribution through a Proof of Holding system that is akin to the DASH masternode system. The DAR token will be issued on the NXT blockchain until the Waves Platform is fully operational. With the profits acquired from providing software and consultancy services for companies and also from the SIGFARM mining operations, the Proof of Holding reward mechanism can be based on a buyback program on an exchange or disbursement via the NXT’s & Waves’ native systems.

Darcrus will focus on building software for companies that want to integrate blockchain tech into their systems to further improve on security and efficiency. The first application that will be built by Darcrus will be dAppsheet. To be released in 2017, this piece of software can help companies transition into a blockchain model allowing them to customize almost any tracking, billing, or service desk application to better serve their needs.

dAppsheet replaces SQL servers with a blockchain-based system that acts as a decentralized database. In this system, each company’s local office acts as a disaster recovery for other offices, thus eliminating the need for offsite storage. However, offsite storage can still be achieved to meet regulations and extra safety procedures by keeping an offsite secure node plugged into the blockchain.

Not only does this service help with disaster recovery, it ensures that the data is 100% immutable, meaning that not even company employees (IT administrator, supervisor, or CEO) can change the data in a company’s dapp, since the data is saved through a blockchain transaction that is replicated and broadcasted to all company nodes, locally or worldwide.

Darcrus also eliminates the need for previous knowledge or expertise in the blockchain field, as the company also provides consultancy services.

Anyone can be part of the Darcrus Proof of Holding reward system by contributing in the upcoming Initial Coin Offering, which will start on the 21st of November and will last for three weeks. Early investors will benefit from a 50% bonus on the first day, which will then be decreased during the course of the campaign.

Source: Old BitConnect website, was owned by another entity